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  1. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    If Topeka, Kansas works as a waypoint for your trip coming or going to Custer, let me know. I have a bed or two available and am pretty handy with grilling food.
  2. Lost Keys

    Better this way than most other motorcycle sites. I much prefer that people don't post if they don't know an answer or cant contribute relevant information. On most other sites this would have devolved into some meme thread or commentary on owning a bike with only one key available three days ago.
  3. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    I've got a lot more where that came from.
  4. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    Well you're going to miss out on all the good riding.
  5. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    My given name as printed on my birth certificate, first and last. Serious, not a joke. I've only ever seen it on the google machine -
  6. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    I hear ya' man! All that crap between you and the good stuff. If you want to ship your bike to my place in Topeka, you can start from here and take in the glorious 700 miles that Kansas and Nebraska have to offer on the way to Custer. I'll have your tires aired up for you on arrival. I would like to start a high-level conversation as to what the OK, NE crews are planning. (Fred, Lisa, Gary, Mike) For very personal reasons, my route up will take me through North Platte, NE as I want to get my photo on a street that is named after me that I have never had the opportunity to visit.
  7. Minimum voltage to charge battery when riding?

    I'm sure you'll understand that advice wasn't directed toward you.
  8. Minimum voltage to charge battery when riding?

    Never wire anything directly to your battery without fusing that wire. It is a much better idea to source from the load side of the 30 amp main fuse. If you are reluctant to do that, use a properly sized inline fuse as close to the battery terminal as possible.
  9. Minimum voltage to charge battery when riding?

    I suspect the best advice here would be to take your motorcycle to a qualified mechanic. But against my better judgement, I'm going to offer the advice to wire the distribution block off the load side of the main 30 amp fuse using 10 gauge wire to an automotive relay. Power the relay from your tail lamp wire so that your distribution block cycles with key-on. There are many turn-key devices out there that are pre-wired with relays and fused lugs. As an example, just because it was the first one that popped up on my Google search: http://www.fuzeblocks.com/
  10. Minimum voltage to charge battery when riding?

    So you're powering heated gear, and a GPS from a 28 gauge wire that is intended to run two 21 watt lamps?
  11. I need help removing a screw

    This is what MBrane means by impact driver. I'm assuming most readers will think pneumatic powered tool.
  12. Sprocket change

    The actuation of the pin engaging the VTEC valves is mechanical and actuated by pressurized oil. However the delivery of pressurized oil to the pin is controlled by the VTEC solenoid valve, which is controlled by the ECM. There is logic involved, including coolant temp, gear selection, and RPM. VTEC solenoid valve will not fire below a certain engine temp, nor will it engage in neutral, once preceding conditions are met the actuation is controlled by RPM (ignition pulse generator W/Y, Y). It has been noted that this critical RPM has varied by model year. I've never experienced, nor read, that the Throttle Position is involved in this logic.
  13. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    Calling out to everyone to bring a flag from your Nation, or State.
  14. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    OK. Lee2002 has reserved room #23 First dibs on the second bed goes to perpetual SumSum roomie, gswanson.
  15. How To Set The *&% Clock!

    I know a guy who could never figure out the radio his used car came with.... he attached the battery cables at noon. This was before the interwebs and he wasn't supplied with a manual.

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