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  1. StormShadow3

    gen 5 vs get 6 brakes

    well ordered all balls master rebuild kit, and a jaws (Hel) delink kit, which includes a bracket to remove the front on caliper master cylinder
  2. StormShadow3

    gen 5 vs get 6 brakes

    i was actually wondering that. maybe ill just use a new rebuild kit
  3. StormShadow3

    gen 5 vs get 6 brakes

    a local wrecker has a almost new 6th gen master and calipers, cheaper than buying rebuild kits for the 5th gen master and calipers
  4. StormShadow3

    gen 5 vs get 6 brakes

    can i put 6th gen master and calipers onto my 5th gen, with the delink lines?
  5. StormShadow3

    Tips for Flaring Chain Master Link? Just Broke Mine

    this guy explains it all, https://youtu.be/6Yj4sKsguvU
  6. StormShadow3

    gen 5 vs get 6 brakes

    mmm in that case i might just replace the seals, plenty of 6th gen masters in the wreckers with low km on them. was just thinking of a hot swap over for better feel.
  7. StormShadow3

    gen 5 vs get 6 brakes

    are the calipers and master cylinders compatible between gen 5 and 6. i have both, and my gen 5 brakes are a lot softer, thinking of upgrading to the gen 6 front master instead of a rebuild?
  8. StormShadow3

    1998 vfr pc3 serial

    i did manage to find 1 single pc3 gen 6 map which uploaded to the device. it would only accept gen 6 maps based on its serial number, even though it was ment for a gen 5. so it didnt really help me at all. i ended up getting a refund.
  9. StormShadow3

    1998 vfr pc3 serial

    id say it has a hardware fault in the unit i got :-( the seller did say send it back for a full refund tho.
  10. StormShadow3

    1998 vfr pc3 serial

    If the bike does not start and run with the device fully and properly installed, then the device likely has a hardware defect. In your photograph, you are communicating with a PC3 unit but you have a PC2 map file opened. The PC2 map files are not compatible in a PC3 unit. That is why you are seeing a compatibility error. 111-210 is a PC3 unit for a 2002-2004 VFR800. It would be compatible with any of the PC3 map files listed on our website for 2002-2004 VFR800. These files will all have a “111” prefix in the filename. Let me know if you have any further questions. Regards, Chris Kelly Dynojet Research Inc. 2191 Mendenhall Dr. Suite 105 North Las Vegas, NV 89081 1-800-992-4993
  11. StormShadow3

    1998 vfr pc3 serial

    i emailed dynotec but they do not support this unit anymore
  12. StormShadow3

    1998 vfr pc3 serial

    well, i brought my sself a 2nd vfr800, this one is a 1998 vfr800 which i plan to just use at the race track every few months, so i dont have to worry about crashing my 2011 i commute on every day. i purchased online a stain tune high rise pipe and a power commander 3 serial. i was told it had no maps loaded on it. which is fair enough. now it seemed ok, it plugged in ok, i attempted to start the bike, it cranks, no fire what so ever. disconnect, fires straight up. finally got a usb to serial cable, first tried to upload pc3 maps, and it gave a error or version incompatible error. checking the hardware version it says its for a 2002 vfr800 vtec however further research says there is no difference in pc 5th and 6th gen except cable length. i finally worked out that, i think, their is a difference in maps between pc3 serial and pc3 usb. i found only one map that would load on vfrd, cozeymaps, it seemed to load into the pc3 with out errors. again no fire what so ever, as before. can you test these things to see if they are dead?
  13. StormShadow3

    Cbr F4 Shock In Place Of Vfr Shock

    can i buy a cbr600f4 shock, then add a different spring i see the vfr spring wont fit on it, but will another oem, like a spring from a cbr929 or cbr1100xx. or do i have to buy a after market spring from ohlins or penski etc?
  14. thanks for the write up, i just followed it, appart from thinking the bolts on the stator were torx for some reason, it all went smoothly on my 2011 vtec 800 battery was a bit flat so took a little while to reach 14.5v

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