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  1. StormShadow3

    gen 5 vs get 6 brakes

    well ordered all balls master rebuild kit, and a jaws (Hel) delink kit, which includes a bracket to remove the front on caliper master cylinder
  2. StormShadow3

    gen 5 vs get 6 brakes

    i was actually wondering that. maybe ill just use a new rebuild kit
  3. StormShadow3

    gen 5 vs get 6 brakes

    a local wrecker has a almost new 6th gen master and calipers, cheaper than buying rebuild kits for the 5th gen master and calipers
  4. StormShadow3

    gen 5 vs get 6 brakes

    can i put 6th gen master and calipers onto my 5th gen, with the delink lines?
  5. StormShadow3

    gen 5 vs get 6 brakes

    mmm in that case i might just replace the seals, plenty of 6th gen masters in the wreckers with low km on them. was just thinking of a hot swap over for better feel.
  6. StormShadow3

    gen 5 vs get 6 brakes

    are the calipers and master cylinders compatible between gen 5 and 6. i have both, and my gen 5 brakes are a lot softer, thinking of upgrading to the gen 6 front master instead of a rebuild?
  7. StormShadow3

    Cbr F4 Shock In Place Of Vfr Shock

    can i buy a cbr600f4 shock, then add a different spring i see the vfr spring wont fit on it, but will another oem, like a spring from a cbr929 or cbr1100xx. or do i have to buy a after market spring from ohlins or penski etc?
  8. thanks for the write up, i just followed it, appart from thinking the bolts on the stator were torx for some reason, it all went smoothly on my 2011 vtec 800 battery was a bit flat so took a little while to reach 14.5v

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