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  1. I called tech support about this issue as well. Ram people said to shave/trim down the rubber as needed. I just returned the item. I’ve seen another owner with a ram mount placed somewhere near the handgrips. The ram Mount appear to use a “U” type bolt solution. Frankly I’m just gonna buy the Skully Fenix AR.
  2. Found the part at partzilla...and after research learned about the weep holes in mufflers to allow moisture to escape to prevent internal rusting...so Im good.
  3. I just re-installed my stock pipe and the rubber center stand stopper was rotted. Any info on where I can purchase another? I also noticed after idle, a bit of moisture/exhaust escapes though a small pin hole in exhaust. Is this normal? The moisture was enough to dampen the wall of my rear tire🤔
  4. Any have any opinions on this front tires condition for my knowledge?( stockie Dunlop with over 6K) I ordered a set of PR5’s and are going to be putting in angled valve stems... I have noticed a little slipage now and then on my front...but correctable and manageable when riding.
  5. I have had both the shorty ASV and the regular sized levers installed. I had a similar RPM issue and discovered I simply installed the clutch lever improperly. I verified this by throwing the OEM lever back on. I recall my ASV clutch would not fully disengage when released. It is crucial during the install that you insure all parts are flush and properly seated in their cavities (that is what I failed to do). If not, you will possibly encounter the RPM issues you described or you simply have the wrong part #. I too had to verify with ASV model/part numbers. For the full sized levers the Clutch CRF345-G. The Brake BRF320-G (on 8 gen). I don't remeber the shorty part numbers, hope this helps.
  6. Givi D1132S Windscreen Honda VFR800 2014-2015, & Held Tenda Tailbag.
  7. Did you try a search on youtube? Its the very first video:” vfr 800 windshield install.” The Knight Designs are nice, but depending on your boot type, physical height and seat height-adjustments (brake lever/gear) may be an issue. I have two sets of Knights in my toolbox. I found the rubber on the lowering pegs was spongy and caused unnecessary displacement/movement to the soles of my feet. The other set of pegs were scraped and I had adjustment issues, so I went back to stock.
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