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  1. Bigdan

    Love Ride 33

    Anyone participating? I will be there[emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Powerbronze wind deflectors (dark smoke). We will see how they do....temps in the morning as of yet only at best 48 F or so...southern California...I know other places got that real winter snap.
  3. No, it appears the color is imbedded in the rubber composite material.
  4. nah I can dig it... Im stuck in the 80’s
  5. swapped my RH TREX puck with new style due to damage during low speed practice. You won’t find the old style where the VFR is etched into the puck due to copyright. The old part by far looks superior... the new red color does not match the paint and it looks like more of a fuchsia color in person. There us also a silver color available. If you’re wondering, the puck did its job no issues with the bolts other than some oxidation on one side and a little bit of rust which I scraped and added removable during installation.
  6. I will Pm you and send you pics of my stock Screen, no scratches etc. I’m interested...2015 8th gen
  7. Anyone know the difference between Upper cowl set (Type 2) (WL) & Upper cowl set (Type 1) (WL)? Which is Red which is white? Application is for 2015 Vfr 800. My guess is ZA is red...
  8. okay thanks all, yes still on the standard sprockets. Maybe my change from adv Sidi boots and now using a sidi track boot is taking time for me to get used to. I have found my shifts to be much more easier because of the lower profile boot and subsequently likely I’am not shifting properly with enough force.
  9. Twice today my gear display has vanished only to display a horizontal line. The bike runs fine. The second instance a quick off/on returned the gear display to normal. Has any one else encountered this issue?
  10. No additional audio input for MP3 etc on this SRL or the newer SRL2. The neotec 2 is a sweet lid. I have the previous version. It won’t be as quiet as say my Schuberth C4, but the intergrated sena comms system (reason why I purchased the C4) is utter complete garbage.
  11. Installed Denali B6 brake lights, $50 each-brighter than stock. 5BFE47DD-56C8-4C99-9A3D-1564C0625853.MOV
  12. Bigdan


  13. Installed Innovv K2 motorcycle camera. Hit a bird on the way home. The install was tons of fun for the front camera🤨. The audio is not too shabby, but that's not why I bought the camera. The hard wired camera works in unisen via INNOVV mobile app. The app allows you to control the camera, the settings, save video/photo files, view on the spot clips of your ride via WI-FI, share etc. The camera can take up to a 256 gb. I use a 128 gb A2, its plenty for me. I was tired of purchasing new sena "rechargeable" batteries for my helmet camera every year-as constant use shortens their performance. Any how so far I'm pleased, set it and forget it factor...reliability to be determined. For more information on the camera: INNOVV.com INNOVV_vfr_800.mp4
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