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  1. In an effort to quicken handling I am considering either raising the front forks slightly in the triple clamps or putting a spacer between the top of the rear shock and the frame. Is one preferable to the other? Thanks
  2. Sorry, that was a typo. Should be 36 psi, not 26.
  3. I spoke to Don Guhl and he said that everything had been done to my ECU. He said adding fuel at the lower throttle openings may help. Throttle free play is minimal.
  4. Hello all, hopefully you have some advise. I have a 2010 VFR1200F with about 10,000 miles on it. I have a BMC air filter and a Dam slip on. I had the ECU flashed by Don Guhl. The bike lurches badly when closing the throttle and then re-opening it. I think this is the "fuel cut" feature that is programed into the ECU? Is there any way to stop this from happening? Would a Power Commander PCV and dyno tune help? Does anyone know of a good place to get the bike dyno tuned within driving distance of southern Connecticut? Thanks
  5. Thanks to everyone that helped with my turning issue. I changed the suspension settings and got a BIG improvement. It is a work in progress but here are the settings I have right now: Front preload-3 lines showing, front rebound 10 clicks out from full soft. Rear preload 14 clicks from full soft, rear rebound 1.75 turns out from full stiff. Tire pressure 42 rear 26 front. I weigh about 200lbs with gear. Thanks!
  6. The bike had well worn Michelin Pilot Road II tires on it when I bought it. To be honest I don't remember struggling with it with those worn tires like I am now with the Dunlops. What type of tires are better handling than the Roadsmarts?
  7. Roadsmarts are the stock size. I will check the steering head bearings. I do think that a suspension upgrade is in order.
  8. Hard to say if the new Dunlops are part of the problem as the previous tires were in awful condition. Is there an easy way to check the steering head bearings? (without disassembling the bike) I'm not great with suspension setup, I basically left the settings the previous owner used. I will give your preload and rebound dampening suggestions a try. I am contemplating sending my forks and shock to DMR Performance Suspension (Jamie Daugherty) this winter. Probably have him re-valve and re-spring forks and shock. Has anyone done this with their VFR12? Do you think a new shock is necessary or just
  9. I need suggestions as to how to make my 10000 mile 2010 VFR1200F handle better. It is reluctant to drop into a turn and once I get it leaned over it won't hold a line. Feels like it resists turning. It is not fun to ride. Bike has Dunlop Roadsmart III's with about 1000 miles on them. Tire pressure 40 rear and 38 front. Would suspension setting changes or upgrades help? Has anyone tried raising the forks in the triple clamps? I love the bike but am considering selling because of this problem. any help is appreciated.
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