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  1. Check out Klim PowerXross gloves. They are more like a snowmobile glove with leather palms (for better protection). Not sure if it is a full-on motorcycle glove, apply common sense here. Aslo, as RobF stated, heated grips are an easy add-on. also.
  2. Thanks DUC, as I am about to replace all the hoses, this makes it easier to understand what I will be missing. sPOTO
  3. An oldie but a goodie. Just west of Torrey on the way to highway 12. We have some awesome roads and scenery here. Looking forward to seeing them from a motorcycle again. -sPOTO
  4. The VFR requires some attention as it has been stored and hasn't been ridden in a few years. Going to replace all coolant, fuel and brake lines. Upgrade the suspension and mount new tires. I would love to ride this year, but it just won't happen. Hope to see you out there next season.
  5. After too long of a motorcycling hiatus, the VFR will be back on the road in the spring. Looking forward to riding again. I've been skulking around the site looking for signs of local activity, but there is not much. Going to have to change that. Looking Forward to all the new riders and seeing some of the old ones. -sPOTO
  6. LOLz! I haven't seen this pic in a while. This is on Utah Highway 35 between Woodland and Hanna.
  7. sPOTO

    Torrey, UT

    LOL You'd think I would have caught that since I go through there on average of 3 or 4 times a year. Fixed it, thanks.
  8. sPOTO

    Torrey, UT

    Same place, different angle.
  9. sPOTO


    Beauty shot just west of Torrey, Utah. In between the fun Hwy 72 and the famous Hwy 12.
  10. sPOTO


    Mom's Cafe in Salina, Utah. Another great place. Yes, that is Bob standing out front. And no, the jacket does not have a volume knob.
  11. sPOTO


    One of the best meals of the trip was had here at the Burr Trail Grill in Boulder Utah. Pancakes made with cornmeal and beer. (Sounds weird, tastes awesome) Topped with candied pecans and real maple syrup. Two eggs, bacon, awesome home fries and fruit. OMG AWESOME stuff. If you are in the area... GO!
  12. sPOTO


    The mighty Colorado river entering Lake Powell.
  13. sPOTO


    Lake Powell - Looking at HITE and where the Colorado river enters the lake. Hi Bob! (YelloJacket'00)
  14. sPOTO


    Camping in Gunnison, Co. Yup, we like us them REI half dome tents. Kind of hard to see, but we got a shload of frost that night.
  15. sPOTO

    2009 - Summer Summit

    2009 - Summer Summit
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