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  1. Had a good ride yesterday. Thermometer read as low as 45ºF. After about 2 hours my hands were cold, but not that debilitating can't take you mind off it cold. They did a good job of stopping the wind. Overall, I'm happy with the gloves. They are a little bulky, but not so much that you can't feel the controls.
  2. I bought a pair of the Five WFX Tech gloves. They seem to be well made. Now It's not cold enough here to be able to give a report. I'll post something when I can give a good review.
  3. I feel the same, it's the top of my hand and fingers that feel the cold first. Thanks for the all the recommendations.
  4. I'm looking for recommendations for colder weather gloves. Specifically, what works well at highway speeds at sub 45˚F? Coming from a BMW RT, I'm missing the wind protection and the heated grips. Thanks.
  5. AJS


    The beauty of the desert after a rainy period.
  6. I've never seen Mt. Rushmore from that perspective.
  7. AJS

    Wolf Creek Pass Colorado

    That pic was in May of 2015. A storm blew in overnight and dropped all that snow. It was a little chilly until we got down into New Mexico.
  8. AJS

    VFR pics

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    MC pics

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