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  1. AJS

    Standard rear suspension droop

    Near as I can tell, 380mm. On the center stand.
  2. AJS

    Anybody do track days?

    Doing my first track day on Feb 18!
  3. AJS

    Dead headlights

    Thanks very much for that tidbit of knowledge......Saved me from tearing the bike apart looking for the reason my headlights, all of a sudden, didn't turn on!!
  4. AJS


    The beauty of the desert after a rainy period.
  5. AJS

    Picture Thread

    I've never seen Mt. Rushmore from that perspective.
  6. This is why I didn't go this year for the first time. Broke a long tradition of Laguna dating back to WSBK in 2000, then GP's in 2005 until now. COTA charges significantly more for everything than Laguna. Suites, grandstand seats, paddock pass. They won't let you bring in anything but water. The last few years we rented a house. So disgusted with food choices and the cost, we'd leave at 11 after FP1, drive back to the house, make lunch, then drive back to the circuit. It's not a friendly environment and the track mgmt isn't doing the event any good. I have friends in the industry and the costs for vendors is insane compared to Indy and Laguna. Last year the Bridgestone rep told me what they paid at Indy, Laguna, and COTA. I was blown away. That and you know who is gonna win before you even plan your trip. Great for Marc, and kudos, but boring as hell weekend unless you've never been to a race before. I agree completely!
  7. AJS

    Wolf Creek Pass Colorado

    That pic was in May of 2015. A storm blew in overnight and dropped all that snow. It was a little chilly until we got down into New Mexico.
  8. AJS

    VFR pics

  9. AJS

    MC pics

  10. AJS

    New And Improved Alternative Ram Mount

    And now pics on a 6th gen.
  11. AJS



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