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  1. 4th Gen never ending charging issues

    Nothing was said about the man personally, I have spoke with him quite a bit about the issues I've been having and he's been very responsive to what has happened. We set up returns and came to agreements with what happened yes. The stator was operating properly, the battery passed the load test, and the new RR I had installed failed in no time at all. The vfrness had .04 ohms of resistance as well as one wire that was corroded through and through. Not to mention the plug to the RR had failed and I had to use the factory plug because he didn't have anymore. As soon as I removed the products from wiremybike my nightmare stopped immediately. I'm saying this to keep others from going through the same thing I did. Just input from a consumers standpoint. If I'm going to be honest I can't just say good things, because good things didn't happen. This cost me hundreds and hundreds of dollars in town bills and parts, not to mention lots of upsetting moments. Sorry to bad mouth someone but that's how it is. Miles
  2. 4th Gen never ending charging issues

    Ok, so a little update here. I deduced that the Rick's Electronics RR was bad, also the VFRNess had a little above normal resistance from plug to plug. The Rick's Electronics stator functioned properly though, giving a solid current output cold and hot so i just left it in. I purchased the FH020AA from roadstercycle.com in hopes that it would function properly. I removed the VFRNess and salvaged the 3 yellow stator wires and connector, one of the wires had corrosion through and though. I cleaned up the contacts ends and used it. So wired it straight from the stator to the RR and straight from the RR to the battery (same set-up and the VFRNess) i kept the jump wire from the battery to the starter relay via the fuse block supplied by roadstercycle.com. So far it works flawlessly, the battery is at 14.4 constant while the bike is running. There isn't any real variation from revving or idle and is very consistent, and the voltage did not drop once the bike got hot!! Due to the larger unit i couldn't use the factory subframe mount and keep my passenger pegs, so i suspension mounted it in the opening next to the battery box. Should help to keep is cool (even though the unit really didn't heat up at all). I will report back if i encounter further issues. To sum it up DON'T USE PRODUCTS FROM wiremybike.com it effed everything up and they all failed. Thanks for the input guys! Miles
  3. 4th Gen never ending charging issues

    I really need to do a voltage meter, unfortunately at this stage it will just tell me what I already know. Charges cold, stops charging when it gets hot regardless of new, old, used, OE or aftermarket parts that are on it. I thought I was getting the 800fi RR with the new connector but it turned out to be an Aftermarket unit after all. I'll look for one
  4. 4th Gen never ending charging issues

    Where would I go to find a new OEM stator in this day and age? After calling every dealer in the State and searching every inch of the web I have only found OE replicas. Which is Rick's electronics recommend by wiremybike.com who lots of these guys on here swear by that stuff. The stator I pulled out of the bike looked fine really, wasn't black and nasty or anything. Battery is a couple of weeks old, besides it dying a couple of times I've kept up on it just fine. Ditch the stator connector, what do you mean by that? Miles
  5. 4th Gen never ending charging issues

    Ok so if not really sure what's up with my luck, but it's pretty bad. I'll give you the run down in the order it all happened. Had electrical problems when I first got the bike, flickering lights, and generally bad behavior. So I replaced the RR with a "OE" I got off eBay and put in the vfrness, problem solved. I took the bike to the track, RR caught fire and took the vfrness plug with it. I replaced the plug and RR with Rick's electrical RR. Problem solved. Couple of weeks later the battery just keeps dying on me over and over and it just can't seem to hold a charge, figure the RR nightmare may have cooked the battery. So I replace it, Problem not solved. So I look around and find the pins in the RR plug are loose so I mess with them but the plug is trash so I replace it. Still doesn't fix it. The bike will charge cold, but once it gets hot it stops charging. Heat soaked stator, replaced that bitch. Seemed to be charging fine so I went for a ride, 10 miles in I have a dead battery. Seconds before rolling my bike off a cliff I decided to throw on the OE RR i originally took off the bike for shits and giggles. Jump started it, rode it home, battery at 12.9 volts, problem solved. 50 miles later, I have a dead battery once again. Are both the RRs I have toast? Am I being haunted by some electrical phantom, should I try another new RR? At this point I'm ready to just give it to some kid walking down the street... Thanks for listening, if you have any advice I'll take it. Miles
  6. 4th Gen no charging while running

    Welp luckily it wasn't anything catastrophic or a pain to deal with. When I went to check the current on the plug coming from the stator, I noticed the metal pins inside my plug had slid back out of place and not making a connection. A little upsetting that when I went to shove them back in place they didn't snap in. I had the bend the back of the tangs up and front down. Oh well, easy fix, but poor quality on the plug part. Thanks for the suggestions gentlemen.
  7. 4th Gen no charging while running

    Alright I'll give it a shot, I've got a few manuals here I'll reference for AC. Could having one of the yellow wires mixed up at the plug cause an issue? I assume it's the same signal from each right? Thanks, Miles
  8. Picture Thread

    I think it looks best from this angle IMO ?. The Ridge Motorsports Park Shelton, WA
  9. 4th Gen no charging while running

    So i thought I solved my electrical issues with the VFRNESS and new RR. Last RR was junk and caught on fire, replaced it with a RR from wiremybike.com. After I spliced in the new plug and put in the new RR my battery started dying on me. It would take a charge but wouldn't keep it, got it load tested and came up bad, so I replaced it. Now with the new battery I have zero volts coming back to the battery from the bike. Think it's the stator? How can I test it? Thanks, Miles
  10. IMG_20170507_201441992.jpg

    Thank you very much! Waiting for the moment in time when I have the money and can find one at the same time. Getting the entire bike back to fully functioning order has been an endeavor, the paint work was the easy part ?
  11. The JunkenViffer Story

    Here is all of the photos thus far from my Fourth Gen VFR build. It's been quite the adventure! Hope you enjoy the photos.
  12. IMG_20170507_201441992.jpg

    Thanks man! Means a lot ?
  13. Anybody Use a Nitron rear shock?

    Thanks for all the input you guys. I looked over pricing for the nitron and it seems to not be as cheap as I remember seeing it. It may not have the adjustability I was looking for but I believe the 929 shock will be exactly what I'm looking for, so I'll go that route. Thanks, Miles
  14. Anybody Use a Nitron rear shock?

    Awesome, thank you gentlemen! I hadn't heard they're name mentioned before even with digging through lots of rear shock threads. Appreciate the feedback.
  15. Anybody Use a Nitron rear shock?

    I've been looking around at rear shock options for some time now. Obvious choice is a Ohlins or Penske...but i want a 3 way adjustable and i don't have $1,200 to $1,500 laying around. Anybody use the Nitron or know anybody who has? Whats your input on it? The point I'm at is anything is better than stock, I'm really starting to notice how poorly my rear shock handles, and the fact that big bumps are actually hurting now. Also has anyone heard about these guys? http://www.daughertymotorsports.com/ They have a revalved and resprung 929 rear shock with an adapter for $420.... sounds like a smashing deal to me. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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