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  1. Woodie

    At Cliffords Tower

    Very classy..... and the old tower looks good too.
  2. Woodie


    Not bad for £1500 crash write off.
  3. Woodie

    Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    Like Skids I have MX style hand protectors. They do deflect the wind and allow my hands to suffer less from wind Chill but don't eliminate it entirely. I can't see those deflectors being anymore effective.
  4. Hmm winter in UK, dark and potholed country lanes so time to upgrade the lighting. Built these from some 50mm spotlights and some old/redundant indicator units. Not wired in yet discovered I need to remove the whole top fairing for that. I'll report back when I have finished, painted, properly installed and wired them in.
  5. Woodie

    Blue 8th gen

    Hmmmm not really sure, looks like its all plastic.
  6. if they are standard Honda body clips they are a quarter turn and lift things. a thin bladed screwdriver of a panel clip lifter should get them off.
  7. Woodie

    6th Gen Refresh

    I've got 4 and a half... If I buy any More SWiMBO might notice.I've only gotten away with it so far as they are all the same colour..
  8. Woodie

    6th Gen Refresh

    In the mean-time I will invest in a decent grammar and spellchecker ! !
  9. Woodie

    6th Gen Refresh

    I know Trev from the UK (Sparticus) had problems with his Gen 8 tank imploding under vacuum because he has not vent, he's had to get his tank replaced. I'd have a look at a vented cap or check with a dealer to see iff you need one.
  10. Woodie

    2017 operating budget released

    Hi Woodie, Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  11. Woodie

    6th Gen Refresh

    At the very least I would grease the head bearings, if you are this deep into a strip down why not. the CCT's are dead easy, one behind each of the banks of cylinders. only two bolts hold them in and you'll need the tool to hold the plunger in place when you remove them. I used a thin bladed screwdriver as I had the engine out when I did them. looking good, lot's of elbow grease and hard work should turn it round
  12. It would certainly help. It sounds like you have sheared the stud off level with the exhaust head flange so it makes it harder. If you can get the exhaust off you may be able to get a stud extractor on the remains. I use one that's like a little drill chuck and tightens onto the stud the more you turn it.. problem is steel in aluminium, the two corrode together and you have to break that corrosion, if you can get enough heat into the stud it's differing expansion rate to aluminium should break the seal, heat, wd-40, heat, wd-40. I would certainly recommend AGAINST drilling the stud out, they are only M6 and not very thick so unless you can drill very accurately you could risk drilling into the head and then you are in Herlicoil territory. HTH
  13. Woodie


    Now THAT's what you call a Harley Fat Boy !
  14. ahhhhh Accounting... Do you know Nick Leeson?
  15. Or use Back To Black Bumper shine. ready mixed, designed for the job and less likely to contain solvents or anything else that might degrade the plastic.

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