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  1. Took it to the Dragon and got my pic by Killboy bunch. Thanks Mr. Cannon.
  2. That is sweet, it seems no matter how I ride or how many times I top off the tank I am always about 1/2 gallon short of gas.
  3. Switchblade

    1990 ST1100

    I found one a few years back and test rode it, while out for the test ride , the owner changed his mind about selling it.
  4. I have 08 with a PC5(map downloaded from here) and block off plates with the air box mod with set of Staintunes and get 39 mpg with NO fueling problems.
  5. It's awesome, install a set of Met M7rr's and started pushing it hard the front forks bottom out 3 times BUT still what a blast to ride .
  6. Right here in God's country ! Rode the Dragon 3 times this week and went to Fraklin for lunch Tuesday on the 51.
  7. Never crashed at the Dragon on it, it got totaled on Blood Mountain on 60.
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