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  1. Took it to the Dragon and got my pic by Killboy bunch. Thanks Mr. Cannon.
  2. That is sweet, it seems no matter how I ride or how many times I top off the tank I am always about 1/2 gallon short of gas.
  3. Switchblade

    1990 ST1100

    I found one a few years back and test rode it, while out for the test ride , the owner changed his mind about selling it.
  4. I have 08 with a PC5(map downloaded from here) and block off plates with the air box mod with set of Staintunes and get 39 mpg with NO fueling problems.
  5. It's awesome, install a set of Met M7rr's and started pushing it hard the front forks bottom out 3 times BUT still what a blast to ride .
  6. Right here in God's country ! Rode the Dragon 3 times this week and went to Fraklin for lunch Tuesday on the 51.
  7. Never crashed at the Dragon on it, it got totaled on Blood Mountain on 60.
  8. Switchblade


  9. Suffered bad burns me think !!
  10. BTW, Switchblade is here twice, in and waiting to hear from... Thanks ..
  11. Hi found the culprit at last. The new stator was bad so i had my old one rewound and it works 100% ever with the old R/R. The new stator didn't give enough amps thru to charge when the lights was onSent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk Sweet ah I guess at least now you can plan on a ride .
  12. Guess where I am going today? "THE DRAGON " !!!

  13. Just for your info I am in no matter what the price, to much invested now to backout .
  14. I am still in, was gonna donate $50 to the forum BUT that changed. ANd I can PayPal you the money when ever, just PM me the account name. And thanks for the hard work also.
  15. From the album: Dragon Runs

    Some people never learn.
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