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  1. That is correct. Feel free to email your details and I can make a recommendation for you. Something else to consider is the damping - that is much more important than spring rate - but maybe just leave that for another time :-)
  2. It is difficult to adjust on all single rear shock motorcycles, and the F4 is no different. It is possible to change it if you have the correct spanner tools and a little ambition. If you have the correct spring rate installed you can set the preload before the shock is installed. The correct spring will also mean you do not have to change preload for luggage, passenger, etc. Just ride! I hope this helps.
  3. Having the owner of a motorcycle fork spring manufacturer (me) as a member of this forum you can always just ask. I'm always willing to help! This way you can get a recommendation that is custom tailored to exactly what you need. I'm just an email away. www.sonicsprings.com
  4. JamieDaugherty

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    Do you guys need help with door prizes? Just let me know!
  5. Out of the box, Ohlins shocks need some work to perform best. They are mass produced just like the OEM Showa units - and suffer because of it. For sure they perform better than the OEM shock, but do not be fooled into thinking you are buying the best - in fact that is far from the truth. If you consider an Ohlins probably best to consider sending it off to get the correct spring rate and valving package installed. FYI!
  6. AHHHHHHH! No I didn't! Everything I install is my own valving, I don't like to help out my competition! As for an upgraded rebound, that only really helps the very aggressive or track riders. New shim stacks on the stock rebound valves is plenty for most riders. The trick is getting the correct shim stack setup, but that's where experience comes into play.
  7. I wish it was that easy! In the end I've found that I can make custom triples to the precise dimensions I want for about the same price. It pays to have suppliers that you've developed a good relationship with!
  8. I do not suggest using an extended upper mount to make up that much distance. You would be running a serious risk of failure. All of the 929 shocks that I build are converted so they fit without any changes to the upper mount - FYI
  9. eMachineshop = VERY expensive. Try a local machine shop and I think you will be able to cut the price in half. I've used 3D printed parts on some of my motorcycle products. They work really well. The printed ABS parts are 70-80% as strong as their injection molded counterparts. That said, there isn't very many applications for what I do that a plastic part is appropriate. The printed parts are good for making physical prototypes just to check that everything works the way I want it to do. I have a bunch of these sitting on the shelf - at least they look pretty! All of that said, I have found that having parts CNC machined from aluminum and paying for the 1-2 qty piece price is about the same as a 3D printed plastic part. So, for the same $$$ you can have a real functional part. I have found 3D printed parts work best when the final result is a complicated piece that would take fixturing to machine.
  10. I'm talking from merely a higher rated spring than the VFR point of view. Not everyone has nearly $400 to throw at the suspension, and you can pick up a XX shock for less than $50. If you HAD to go cheap on the quick, it is a viable option for people over 200 lbs. This is true, but it is still WAY low for the VFR. The spring on a CBR1100XX shock is good for a 65lb rider, so if my 10 year old daughter was riding the bike it would be ok. Same goes here too. The stock spring on the CBR929 shock is the same as the VFR800, the problem is an ideal rider for that spring is 12lb. None of my kids are that small anymore so I won't even make a correlation for that!
  11. You might as well upgrade the standard shock, and then get a better spring, tailored to your weight. Just getting the XX shock will do little, but it might be a small step up from the standard VFR shock. The CBR1100XX is no better than the VFR800. Nothing to be had there!
  12. I keep plenty of them in stock, not a problem!
  13. I've been doing that for about three years now. The F4 is required for ABS models but either the F4 or a 929 is an option for non-ABS 6th Gen bikes.
  14. Here are the tables for a VFR800 Forks: 110-145lb 0.85kg/mm 145-175lb 0.90kg/mm 175-210lb 0.95kg/mm 210-245lb 1.00kg/mm 245-280lb 1.05kg/mm Shock 110-145lb 1050lb/in 145-175lb 1100lb/in 175-210lb 1150lb/in 210-245lb 1200lb/in 245-280lb 1250lb/in I would certainly suggest a set of 0.95kg/mm springs up front and a 1150lb/in (20.54kg/mm) spring out back. This would apploy to all street riders, the only time you would need to change is if you were an expert track rider on slicks. I hope this helps!
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