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  2. WITHOUT MIGUEL !!! My brother flew out last year from Delaware to Colorado for a week of dirt bike and street riding. We had a great time but had a major glitch. I managed to blow up my Yamaha FZ1 ECU 2 days before he flew out (long story). I could not find one in time so I had to borrow a bike so we could do the 4 day Colorado ride we had planned. A good buddy of mine up in Denver had a Ninja 650 he let us use and I returned it with a new set of tires as thanks for the loaner. My brother rode the Ninja and I rode my VFR. We had a blast and decided to something again this year. A few wee

    Reddog California

    Veefalo rides to California

    motorcycle 007

    2013 Calendar cover...never really thought about dragging fairings..great picture.
  5. Probably the best place to see a lot of Colorado ....great ride.. !

    Rock Point

    That was one enyoable ride. Worked had me all stressed out and getting off the grid for a week was awesome. After about three days on the road work was gone from my mind and I was completely relaxed. Well, relaxed when we were not getting those terrible winds....
  7. The wait was over and I finally got a few days off to go ride. It started Tuesday night when we met a few riders for dinner who had just come in from Kansas. Poor guys got pounded by a storm and had to ride though rain, hail, and about an inch of hail on the highway! Thankfully it did not last long and they made it safe to Colorado. We planned to meet the next morning for the ride up Pikes Peak. I think it was Lee 2002 who was having a slight battery issue so they were about an hour late meeting at the Pikes Peak entrance gate. The delay actually worked fine because they had paved another mi
  8. Ah man that sucks! Was it a motorcycle cop? Car or SUV? A few have laser guns now -- might say on your ticket which method. Or maybe you keep buying those $49.99 radar detectors that can barely pick up Ka band which is what they mainly use... :blink:
  9. Great company and a great ride. Enjoyed the write-up and video! It could have been about 10 degrees warmer, but very little wind and great road conditions. That other bike just appeared somewhere around Divide and followed us into Woodland Park.
  10. I rode to Bailey yesterday for lunch, left here around 3pm. Coming back home and after Deckers in the 50mph zone I see a black vehicle in the far distance hauling ass to catch me. No idea where he came from (was not parked at Deckers?) and he closed on me where the speed limit drops down to 35. He got close enough to pace me in the 35 zone. I suspected it was a LEO when I spotted it way back in the distance so I was not speeding when he caught up. He never used his radar. So I was stuck with the LEO right behind me the whole way back. Riding through there at 35 is like getting a root canal.
  11. REDDOG

    2008 Bmw Rally

    Yep, Devil's Tower in Wyoming. Same one in the movie.
  12. REDDOG

    2008 Bmw Rally

    A park ranger told us to head down that road to see them, so we didn't have to ride through the herd to the other side! We were taunting each other to do it, but we all chickened out. They seemed to care less about the cars and one Harley rider came through from the other side and rode past them with no problems. Like you said though, they are huge and we would have been right next to them if we had to ride through. Plus they had all the babies around and you would think the Mom's might be on edge. We stayed back about 50 yards, with some guys leaving their bikes running just in case! They
  13. REDDOG

    2008 Bmw Rally

    My Dad and brother both ride beemers and always attend the BMW International rallies. This years rally was in Gillette, WY, which is only 420 miles from my house in Colorado. A perfect excuse to get together and ride! My Dad has a large trailer that can haul four bikes, so he loads up four beemers (Dads, brother's, brother-in-law's, and local friend of theirs) for the 1800 mile drive from Delaware to Colorado. The other three riders flew into Denver and I picked them up a few days before we started heading north for the rally. All my family live in Delaware, so I don't see them too often be
  14. "That took 20 minutes out of my day and some woman I passed "legally" on a dotted line stopped honked her horn and wagged her finger at me?? " Dang Slammer...everyone is out to get ya!.. :biggrin:
  15. Loved the vertical profile from the Zumo. Impressive elevation change in the first 140 miles.
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