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  1. Shinigami's gallery

    Some on-the-road shots from around the Western USA
  2. Frankenceptor

    Perhaps an Akrapovic can to start. That would do a lot to improve on the stock look.
  3. Tires!

    Just installed a set of Dunlop Q3+ front and Roadsmart 3 rear, and 500 miles in they display excellent handling. Replaces a Q3 front/Roadsmart 2 rear that achieved 7500 miles, with perhaps another 750 miles to the top of the wear bars. That had been an excellent combination for me for the past 3 sets. I will never run Michelins again. Too many bad experiences with their performance falling off drastically after the first couple of thousand miles.
  4. My VFR800FD eclipse excursion

    I originally planned something similar. Then I decided to look for airports in the path of totality. Using miles, I got on a plane at 0940, landed at 1020, had breakfast and a bloody mary at the airport bar, walked outside the terminal, looked up, watched totality, got back on the plane and flew home. As opposed to 4 hours outbound and 10+ coming back, with the record traffic on the roads in question. Total cost, $22.00, for breakfast and the drink.
  5. Chain Mileage

    24K on my OEM chain, one adjustment since new. I lube every 200 miles with Honda Lube with Moly. Sometimes I wipe the chain off and sometimes I don't. Sprockets look good too. Now, rear tires are another matter- I am lucky to get 3800-4000 miles from a sport-touring rear. I spend a lot of time in the canyons, and am not shy about giving it the stick.
  6. Endurance Racing VF500 build.

    Yes, one had to have had quite a large set of avocados to get on that bike and wind it out back then... :D
  7. Aftermarket Pipes For Gen 8

    By the way, those of you on the fence about buying a pipe and pulling the baffles ought to move quick- new regs are kicking in making it much more difficult to remove the DB Killers on aftermarket cans.
  8. Tires!

    Apparently, still does. There's also an actual, real Sheriff of Nottingham, as opposed to this impersonation... On the left in image below.
  9. Tires!

    True enough, I was in Nottingham.
  10. Tires!

    Having just spent 2 weeks in the UK I now understand much better why so many reports of long tire life come from there. With traffic cameras everywhere, moderate speeds and practically no serious twisties compared to what I'm used to, it's no surprise tires last a long time there.
  11. done

    Jaw dropper. Great job.
  12. Aftermarket Pipes For Gen 8

    The Arrow might be the best looking can available right now.
  13. How To Set The *&% Clock!

    I just left mine on DST at the end of last season. Today it's correct. ;)
  14. Aftermarket Pipes For Gen 8

    "Better" is in the ear of the beholder... er, I mean, listener. I quite like the song of my Akrapovic.
  15. My Custom 4Th Gen Featured By Worldwide Bomber!

    Mr. Peart and Mr. Stoner have a hobby in common, which I have helped each with, though I can't claim to know either very well personally. However, any Rush fan knows Mr. Peart in particular seems to prefer the tractor-like qualities of a certain three letter Teutonic machine.

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