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  1. Gswanson home safe at 3:15. Outstanding event, best one so far!
  2. Nah, you got plenty of time bro.
  3. I voted for Dillon, but I'm game for either. I too wonder how thick the pirates would be regardless of the date. Lee's picture is not encouraging.
  4. I have your number, will be in touch. Looks like Saturday evening will be interesting as The Hub is doing it's monthly Motorcycles and Muscle Cars gathering also (according to their calendar).
  5. What are your travel plans? Going over early? Wednesday, Thursday, Friday? I am trying to decide what days to take off. Thinking about rolling over there on Thursday.
  6. Chatter for this event has been pretty sparse. Who all is planning on attending besides myself, Max, Yeller, the Gunns and Yokel?
  7. Yes, Talimena. That's the same spot that Miguel took the shot of me that made the calendar a couple of years back. It was a shot of my best (back)side.
  8. Great to see you up and smiling!
  9. But you did get to enjoy the 4 curves on the way there.
  10. No, I took my time on this one Took me about 2 hours, not really working fast. I needed something to fill the day.
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