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  1. I might suggest you start a new thread to get people on board. This one has 62 pages, and though I've looked at it several times, I'm not sure where the description of what you're selling actually is... ie; what is the cost, how many do you need, ect. I'm sure all the info is in this thread, but I'm not willing to re-read 62 pages to find it... or is it in the classifieds already and I'm just not paying attention??
  2. Phillip at So Pro has done several things for me lately. Www.sopro.bz it helps that he is only 7 miles from my house too. I normally send my penskes to Traxxxion dynamics tho. Thermosman did ohlins for me in the past too, he's really great but busy.
  3. Thanks Terry, I found the valving totally wrong when I took it apart, so I took it to my local suspension guy that is a race tech center. He's gonna revalve based on my weight and spring and get it right for me. I like having a guy I've built a relationship locally for just such a reason. Michael
  4. Slammer, Thanks again for this write up... I'm referring to it for the second time with my current 5th gen... it came with Race Tech compression and rebound valves in the forks, and since I'm doing steering head bearings, it seems like a perfect time to look at them. Two things I want to check during the winter refresh: 1) They've always been quite firm in the initial travel, so I'm going to check for that bleed hole was done correctly. If not I'll redrill, if yes, then I'll need to find some way to soften the low speed compression (bigger hole or different shims?) 2) What fork oil weight is right when you have both compression and rebound valves? Thanks for your help! Michael
  5. The photo above shows it. The wire does come through the arm, and I will drill a hole (I'm guessing under the mount) and fish the wire around to it. With the stock GSXR, they ran the wire through a hollow bolt at the pivot point, and covered the top with a rubber cap. That doesn't work with the kind of bases that honda and Kawasaki use, or at the angle of our mounting. Using the Kawasaki base allows you to put the GSXR mirror on the VFR, but the wire routing from the mount end of the mirror stalk through the fairing is up to you....
  6. i like the size of the one off ebay better than what I had seen in the store. I'm hoping to have theses tucked under each side right behind the gauge surround.
  7. Update: I found a solution... for me anyway... Surfing on ebay one day I see these: '09 to '10 ZX6R mirror base's $15... the more I stare at them, I think the angle looks right. So I order them. Mount them to my GSXR1000 mirrors (with orginal bases removed and a little grinding for clearance) and they work: Also had to elongate the mounting holes slightly as Kawasaki is 38 mm hole spacing and Honda was 40. But not much... Suzasaki on left, stock on right: I finish up installing both, and start working on the wiring. Here's one illuminated: They are as bright as I had hoped, the angle's look good. The light is at the right direction for oncoming traffic, and the mirror visibility is good (kinda like on a set of lobster's mirror extenders). Next step is to wire them permanently. I don't know if I want to drill the wire hole above or below the base. Then a little touch up paint. I'm also waiting on the order of these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/390554912577?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 turn signal adapters, so they will burn as running lights and flash.
  8. I'm assuming you must have drilled out the GSXR mirror to fit the ball shape on the VFR mirror then? When I took my GSXR mirrors apart they had two screw holes and a slot at the arm mounting point.
  9. After a cursory inspection of a Panigale this weekend... I think it's mirrors are at the right angle at the base for our VFR... They're a little expensive though, so it's hard to justify checking... they're supposedly a 38 mm bolt spacing too, pretty close. I think I'm gonna get one off Ebay and try it...
  10. After looking at these they are not the right angle . At 90 degrees from the vfr mount location the mirrors would betilting too far up
  11. There not far from me. There at the Dragon almost every weekend, when it's not 10 degree's or snowing . 2011 [/size]PJ's PartsPhone: (865) 233-2883[/size]P.O. Box 5415, Maryville, TN 37802[/size] Spacing is 40 mm . I'm gonna try a set of these and report back.
  12. I was looking for something else and came across these: http://www.pjsparts.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=43 I'm on the road, and Can't remember what our bolt spacing is... also I haven't looked closely at the GSXR mirrors I just got in for this conversion... I'll do some measuring this coming weekend and see if they'll work. They're only $17, might be worth a try.
  13. WERA910


    Great look. Best 6th gen I've seen
  14. My 6th gen came with a hugger, but I don't like it. Need to make an Ebay ad, but I don't even know which model it is? Very sturdy with steel brackets, but it doesn't replace the factory chain guard, it goes above it.
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