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  1. Have a quick look on ebay here in the Sates and these showed up.




    Not the prettiest but looks serviceable. I would contact him to verify what he means by some damage, hopefully its the pitting on the top. He says he ships to many countries also. Regards, Michael

    1. race549


      I sent you a PM with everything I have.

  2. I realise this is a VFR forum, but many have tried different front fork setups and it occurred to me someone may have ended up with what I need sitting around unused and in need of a good home. I'm after a complete Front Fork assembly, i.e. legs, yokes (triple clamps) and maybe wheel axle from a FireBlade/CBR900 RRW or RRX (i.e. '98 or '99). Has to be those years so they are for 310mm discs. I am in the UK, but should be shippable from anywhere.
  3. BiKenG

    Front end conversion - was yours worth it ??

    Just to clarify this, or indeed correct it, although the calliper fitment is the same on all the above, they are not all the same. The CBR900RRW/X and the SP-1 (early RC51) all have 32 and 34mm pistons. The later RC51 (SP-2) and 954 'Blade use 30 and 32 pistons (same as later radial callipers) and the CBR929 (CBR900RRY/1) has 30 and 34 pistons. The differences are not huge, but they are different.
  4. Looking for a 6th Gen VTEC complete rear muffler assembly, i.e. from link pipe to twin cans with covers and brackets. I'm in the UK, so probably has to be here due to shipping, although Europe might be possible.
  5. BiKenG

    Gear Indicator

    Yes, they would not be powered and simply generate an electromagnetic pulse signal over the 2 wires. 2 wire Hall effect sensors for ABS are a touch more complicated.
  6. BiKenG

    Gear Indicator

    Well electrics are no problem and I have designed some simple electronic circuits, but the 2 wire Wheel Speed Sensors defeat me. 😕
  7. BiKenG

    Gear Indicator

    Sorry to hear about your cold. The cough just keeps hanging around. No it's not the simple lack of a ground wire, using the mounting as the earth return. There are just 2 electrical connections. Nothing else is used and it's not CANBUS either as far as I can tell. I still can't get my head around it.
  8. BiKenG

    Gear Indicator

    I also find myself doing occasional calculations in my head during the more boring bits. But trust me, when hacking down the Alps, sprinting between hairpins (sometimes with vertical drop offs of thousands of feet) and rapidly downshifting while getting past that last car as you sling the bike into the next hairpin is not boring and also not the time to be having to mentally calculate which gear you might be in and how many downshifts need to be done before peeling into the turn. With the gear position displayed and easily visible, it all becomes a LOT simpler. Of course even while gently cruising it is also helpful to know. As I've said before, riding without a GPI is not a problem for me, likewise I can do hand signals when I want to turn. But just like I prefer indicators as they allow better control, a GPI can be a great asset when riding. It's nothing to do with needing it due to not being a good enough rider. It is additional information that can be used to your advantage. Not only enabling you to avoid having to pull up or stab down the gear lever repeatedly, just to confirm you are actually in top or first, but during the entire shifting process. Having a GPI doesn't make you any less of a man. 😀
  9. BiKenG

    Gear Indicator

    As you say, Wheel Speed Sensors are simple devices - or are they... Some vehicles (e.g. VFR1200) use 2 wire sensors. With just those 2 wires the control unit supplies power AND reads the pulse. Explain that. 😀 What are we doing here on Christmas Day.
  10. BiKenG

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Well, from the pictures we’ve seen, they’re not the same. The Alibaba front downpipes cross over whereas the other 2 do not. That’s not to say they’re not all manufactured at the same factory though, but let’s not see things that aren’t there.
  11. BiKenG

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    As regards the widening of the pipe after it leaves the cylinder heard, have we not established that in top level racing this has been found to be very effective? Whatever the reasons, a header pipe that widens from the port diameter to a larger size is what seems to work best. Admittedly we're seeing here a series of different diameter pipes welded together, rather than a nice tapered pipe section, but that will mean a big cost difference and may not affect the efficiency of this design to any measurable degree. So I don't think the basic premise of this aspect of the design is a problem and neither do I think any fractions of a millimetre in diameter will have any significant impact by itself. However, the overall performance of this system, which is after all radically different from Honda's best design, can only be determined on the dyno and for that, we are all eagerly awaiting some real data.
  12. BiKenG

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    That's what I thought initially, but in the picture the front pipes cross over, whereas the BW (and I think the Lextek but cannot now find the pictures) do not cross at the front. That's not to say though that these are not the actual manufacturers of said systems.
  13. BiKenG

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    I have to say I can see both sides of this. On the one hand, we really don't want to piss off suppliers who are being helpful and offering a good deal, but it is also true that the customer deserves to know what they're buying and so far, we don't. Yes, Jeff is putting his on a dyno (he didn't have to buy a bike as he knew I was prepared to use mine so that's down to him, no actual brownie points gained) and we are (probably all) very keen to know the outcome of that. But so far we still have nothing, so I think it's not unrealistic of those waiting for this information to get impatient. However, when it comes to BW it's a slightly different story. They have a chequered history and although that may be behind them, we have long been assured they are working on the BEST system ever for the VFR yet it now very much looks like they are simply buying in and re-selling someone else's product. Not that there's anything necessarily wrong with that, just that it's not what they've been telling us for the last few months and now to cap it all, they seem reluctant to release any actual dyno results. Instead appearing to try and deflect such requests with very dubious claims that it's impossible to produce truly comparative data and we should simply look at figures from their different systems on different bikes as that should give us an idea. Sorry, this is disingenuous bunkum. I have no previous experience with BW, but right now I feel we've been somewhat led up the garden path. They can easily correct this situation by coming clean about the source of their product and doing some real tests and/or discussing it with us on here. No, we're not looking for race track performance, but right now we have NO idea whatsoever how this system even runs and I think (potential) customers deserve to know more than what we've been told so far which is quite frankly, not a lot. This is not having a dig at potential suppliers, just asking very reasonable questions, prior to stumping up any actual hard cash. How can they expect anything less?
  14. BiKenG

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Yes, as I think we can agree, the first VFR800 was a '98 year model, but first ones were sold at the end of '97. Still a '98 bike though. It's the Model Year that crucially defines the bike, not when it was first sold and/or registered.
  15. BiKenG

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Yup. That's what I said. And both at roughly the same price. It is kinda suspicious.

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