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  1. Axel_7


    Cant remember exactly but probably between Randle and Carson.
  2. Was a great day out with the New 8th Gen
  3. Phil next time we meetup ask me about Neil and a story about a route home from SUMSUM2
  4. Yellowstone was great almost zero traffic up to the Old faithfull. You just have to get up early[emoji622]
  5. Tony RE activate your FB ACCOUNT and it will be easy to find it and voila Remember click album name to see all of them. Rob and the two of us had a great day from Cody thru Yellowstone Early and them up to the Berkley pit in Butte then back to Missoula where will part ways till next adventure
  6. Tammy has posted a link to a album with tons of photos on Vfrd people on Facebook for those that are not FB Friends
  7. Always sad to have to say goodbye and start heading home And great meeting some new faces this trip Derek
  8. Always sad to have to say goodbye and start heading home And great meeting some new faces this trip Derek
  9. Sitting in Sheridan. Four hour ride tomorrow. Hope you save some fun stories for when we pull in
  10. We all are in Missoula doing great. Kevin I hope you figure out the fix. Maybe talk to tightwad about express shipping something to you
  11. 8 of us sitting in Wilbur WA. Headed to meet the rest of the train in Lewiston for lunch
  12. Almost ready to roll down the road. Just missing few bikes
  13. This tangerine 🍊 rig is ready to go. Why is July so far away still. New sprockets, chain, tires and brake fluids. Now only thing missing are Didits gps loops.
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