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  1. Good price, 11K is nothing. Post your question on the 1200 forum and I'll send some more info.
  2. Make sure you replace and position the PAIR o-rings properly. If you notice you're burning oil afterwards, that'll be the reason.
  3. You basically have three options: 1. Use a box end wrench and estimate the torque. Torque spec is 9 lbs-ft...not much. 2. Use a torque adapter, which might not be long enough. 3. Use a Motion Pro adapter that allows use of a std. box end wrench as an adapter. You'll need to do the measurement of wrench length and requisite math. I went with 1 and it's worked out fine.
  4. It did have this effect on our group's pace after we passed by the scene. We rode with a bit more caution the next several days of our trip. Thanks for the well written account of the crash and your insight. Glad you're on the mend and wish you the best.
  5. West of Redding on July 9th...I'm guessing you were on Hwy 3 with a large group of other VFR riders. If so, we went past just as the first responders had you on the gurney at roadside. Either way, very glad to hear you're ok...relatively speaking. Looking forward to the rest of the story. Always something to be learned.
  6. No re-jetting required for the slip-on muffler, it runs great as is.
  7. Have a Black Widow 350mm, round, high mount muffler on my Gen 4, so can't speak to full exhaust. I put off buying a hi-mount for 20 years so the choices are now just Black Widow and Delkevic. I went with Black Widow for the heat guard, overall muffler choices, and the general look appealed to me over the Delkevic. The system came very well packaged with everything needed, including sealant. Wasn't expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised at the finish. On the outside it appeared to be as well-made as as any exhaust I've acquired before, including Termingnoni, Sil Motor, Arrow and DAM. Fitment was spot-on, matched the lines of the rear cowl perfectly. Muffler was offset perfectly from frame/cowl. Installed it in Jan., with the quietest dB killer insert they offered. It is definitely louder than stock, but won't offend neighbors. Nice throaty sound which gets higher pitched as RPM increases. Hardly noticeable at highway speeds. I've put over 5k miles on the system, including a recent 3k trip through some of the best roads in CA. Muffler has not changed in amplitude or frequency, so packing appears to holding up pretty well so far. Overall I love the look...especially with the 8-spoke wheel. Very satisfied with the purchase. That said, there are always little things that could be improved. They used huge SHCS's for the heat guard. I swapped them for black painted button heads a few days ago. Would also be nice to have a more styled heat guard...thinking about making a custom piece. And, the Black Widow label is a sticker - so care during cleaning is needed. Here's some pic's right after install:
  8. Saw a 2010 VFR 1200F for sale at Escondido Cycle Center. They said it only has 300 miles on it. It looked like it. https://www.teamecc.com/default.asp?page=xPreOwnedInventoryDetail&id=7335799&p=2&s=Year&d=D&fr=xpreownedinventory
  9. Ah, yes...I remember one of the bikes in your group was orange, er...tangerine. Darn, should have stopped and met you guys. Our group had a silver Concours, two Multistradas, my Gen 7 and my Gen 4 (my son riding it). Yep, 36 was a fantastic road up to the point of the road closure. We got through after about an hour wait heading westward. Next day we headed up Hwy 3 and saw your group again, but it appeared one of your riders had gone off in a corner. We saw the pros were already on site. How's the rider?
  10. Spotted a large group of VFR riders on CA Hwy's 36 and 3 on the 8th and 9th of July. A couple of Gen 7's and about 6 Gen 6's, with a few other makes thrown in. Figured some of them must be fellow VFRD members. Want to check on one of the riders. Any VFRD riders in that group?
  11. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  12. Reading this with great interest. Can you post a pic of the edging underneath the headlight? Did you use the stick-on version, or the push on version? The noise level on this bike is indeed pretty high. Earplugs (33dB) and a supposedly quiet Neotec helmet aren't enough for my liking. My 1200 has the OEM accessory windscreen deflector and it has a marginal effect on noise in any position.
  13. The manual provides the gaps spec's for either side of an exhaust rocker arm. You can use either gap spec. to make your adjustment via the adjuster screw. The adjuster screw is the only adjustment for an exhaust rocker arm. #1 is an intake cam lobe for cyl. 2, gap adjusted via shim. #2 is an exhaust adjuster for cyl. 2, set gap at the valve end or the roller end per the respective gap spec. #3 is the roller end of an exhaust rocker for cyl. 3. Follow this rocker arm to the right to find the adjuster, adjust using respective gap spec for either end.
  14. Rocker arm is not removed. Start at the red circle and follow the rocker arm to the other end. There is a locknut and adjuster screw there...clearly visible in the photo. Use them to adjust the gap between the cam lobe and roller. Just like a see-saw...right side up, left side down. So, if you have too large a gap at the cam/roller, just loosen locknut and screw the adjuster CW. Did I mention the PAIR o-rings...
  15. There is a set screw and lock nut on the other side of the exhaust roller arm that adjusts the exhaust valve roller/cam gap. Be sure to replace the PAIR o-rings and use grease to hold them in place during install, or you'll end up with this:
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