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    2003 VFR (61,000 miles), 2009 Honda Goldwing ABS Level 3 Silver Metallic (39,000 miles) (Sold)

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  1. You guys still know how to throw a good one. I may have to drive my new 4 wheels to the next one. Ride Safe! ki-speed (Mark)
  2. Nice bike (the colors even right). Have fun / be safe. Mark
  3. ki-speed

    2012 montose 379

    That's me! I guess that's my better half! Mark
  4. Hi ki-speed, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  5. ki-speed


    In 2006, on a 2 week 4500 mile ride we hit Alice's. Cool Place.
  6. Mine is on the home page right now with the flat black painted on the inside of the wind shield if you want to see what it looks like. The plastic gives it a smooth glossy look when viewed from the outside and the flat black cuts reflection and light on the inside I did the same on my 2003. Used Krylon black for plastics. Looks great, hides my radar detector and keeps the hot sun and glare off the gauges.
  7. ki-speed

    2012 montose 388

    What a wake-up call to remind me to book my room!
  8. Road the pass to Mena this last Thursday on the the Goldwing with my wife on the back. No traffic, temps in the 70's, great road,......
  9. Nice pics. Those are some great roads with great views.
  10. ki-speed

    Lolo Pass

    Parked at that same location in 2010.
  11. Nice video. I had the pleasure of riding that road in Sept. 2010. Mark
  12. ki-speed

    2012 montose 676

    There's more room on the Goldwing!
  13. ki-speed

    2012 montose 353

    Looks like a silver 747 coming in for a landing.
  14. ki-speed

    2012 montose 676

    When's the next meet? Three years, really?
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