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  1. https://www.as3performance.co.uk/honda-vfr-750-1990-1993-high-performance-silicone-radiator-hoses-red/ AS3 makes silicone hoses for the third gen bikes in red blue or black.
  2. A little slow on posting. Home safe and sound. Thanks to everyone who shared this great event. Thanks to Tony for an incredible job of organizing. I look forward to the next ride.
  3. Just received my Attendee Itinerary in the mail today. Looks good. I like the logo. Thanks for all the work Tony. Looking forward to this event.
  4. BCAl

    Stator Tests

    Thanks for the responses. The current one is working fine so I am looking at getting one as a backup in case something goes horribly wrong while I am on the road. With a backup and a backup R/R, although inconvenient I am not left stranded somewhere to wait for parts.
  5. BCAl

    Stator Tests

    I have spent some time reading articles about stators and that the best route to follow is to go with a OEM. I have a 4th gen and the OEM stator is no longer available. Does anyone know if there is a Honda stator from another model that will fit a 4th gen? I am not worried about the connector as that would be eliminated in favor of a direct connection.
  6. Just booked a room. Now I just have to figure out a route to get there.
  7. Thanks for all the work you have put in so far and the work you will continue to do. Looking forward to meeting people at the event.
  8. I am in for the weekend as well. I would also like to join the group that you have coming from the coast Randy.
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