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  1. Cleaning of the lever switch seems to have done the trick. I took the switch off and unplugged the leads. Electrical Cleaner and compressed air. Reassembled. Now...one click squeezing the lever. One click releasing the lever. Doesn't repeat. Thanks all.
  2. Yes, exactly. As the clutch is eased out slowly. Stops when all the way out or in. I think I'll clean the electrical contact as suggested. Then maybe a new switch. Then digging deeper to the solenoid, where that is located. I started an implant procedure today. Extraction. Bone graft. Now 4 months healing, then the implant. $7000. The switch will surely be less... Thanks for all the advice. I'll let you know what happens.
  3. Thanks. Here's a sound bite I recorded. Clicking starts at about 6 seconds after some fumbling.2019_04_23_12_04_31.mp3
  4. I have a 1999 VFR800FI with over 69,000 miles. Runs well. I noticed a sound today while riding in my neighborhood, warming the oil for change. No helmet. No earplugs. Crawling speed. The sound is like a crackling electrical connection. Occurs only with power switch on, bike in gear, clutch lever released just prior to engagement. Engine does not have to be running, ignition must be on. So, what's about to explode?
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