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  1. jemery12

    Cornering question

    Hi, I'm fairly new to riding and have a question for you more seasoned guys and gals. When going through a long or tight corner, I know you are supposed to look to the end of the corner. My question is, do you keep your head pointed toward the end of the corner and constantly watch the road/traffic with your eyes, or do you look at the end of the corner and watch the road/traffic by glancing or out of you peripheral? Another question. I know most of us keep our brights on all day for added visibility, but at night do you usually keep them on as well, or turn them of for traffic to keep from blinding people? Thanks in advance!
  2. jemery12

    Maintenance Poll

    I completely agree. Just took apart my new bike to find an electrical bug, and the PO had previously installed a radar detector. The wiring was absolutely shit (not the cause of my bug, but it was terrible). I texted the PO to ask who did it, and it was the dealership. Needless to say I removed it. I don't know how you work on bikes for a living and can't do decent wiring, or put all the bolts, and parts back where they came from.
  3. jemery12

    I want to do a custom dash. Anyone done this?

    You want a rear view camera on a bike? Not trying to be rude, just sounds very foreign to me. Do you want it for backing up or to use like a rearview mirror?
  4. jemery12

    Instrument panel/headlight fuse keeps blowing.

    You are the best. Exhaust was replaced by PO and the tag light positive and ground were worn through. Guess they touched and shorted when I hit a bump just right. I'll be putting her back together soon and hopefully no more problems. Thanks a ton!
  5. jemery12

    Maintenance Poll

    Just wondering how often everyone does their routine maintenance and what all maintenance they do. :)
  6. jemery12

    Instrument panel/headlight fuse keeps blowing.

    Update, I've taken the side fairings, and front cowl off. I've checked every electrical connector I can see and none have any burning/corrosion. The PO had H4s in the high beams that were butchered all to hell to fit, so I've taken them out and am replacing them with the stock high beams. I also noticed the main fuse has a bit of burning, but is not blown, so I'll be replacing the master fuse socket and fuse. Maybe I'll be lucky and there will have been a loose connection I wiggled back into place. I also shot all headlight connectors for shorts and shot the 3 yellow wires that I saw in another post could be a problem and the multi-meter readings were fine. Unless someone has any suggestions for my I may just be putting her back together and hoping for the best from here.
  7. Hi, I recently bought a 2003 VFR800, and after riding it a couple hundred miles, a fuse blew and I my instrument panel and headlight went dark. I got her home and replaced the fuse, started her up and all was working fine. I took a 5 minute test ride, and it blew again. Started looking on forums and found that adjusting the front brake lever is a common fix. I tried it with no luck; the fuse blew again within 5 minutes. I tried cutting the high beams off (as I always ride with them on) and it didn't blow the fuse after a 30 minute test drive. Rode for a week, and part of a Sunday drive (about 200 miles in total) and the fuse blew again without the high beams on. I was hoping I had pinpointed it to being a issue in the high beam circuit, but I'm not sure now since it blew again with the high beams off. Any tips before I tear the whole front end apart trying to find the issue? Thanks in advanced.

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