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  1. I had 70,000 miles on my rear pads too! I mean I took them out to clean the caliper etc. Recently I went with some sort of organic pad set up and cleaned the caliper and used new seals etc. I recently got a new braided brake line too from the UK. No pictures but bike has all steel lines around like all my other stuff has. Beautiful build quality not duplicated now, love these bikes.
  2. Maybe in some foreign currency you could get 80,000 something. Name of the bike is "First Wife" you being a sane smart person like you are, do you think I would ever, ever sell her? Let me answer for you, NOoO : )
  3. Morgan Carburetor synch tool. I had the Motion Pro one with fake mercury and it sucked out loud. Morgan tool, I can do the synchronization on my Gen3 bikes in five minutes with three associated flash lights and a ninety degree screwdriver from my Triumph days. Tool is great as it simplifies the entire process which is key.
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