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  1. Hi coppertop, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. After a careful review of the Galfer instructions, I believe I have found the problem. My mistake was quickly scanning the written instructions, then installing the lines in alphabetical order going by the photos and *not* looking back at the written part. In doing so, I connected line G to line F with the double banjo bolt. That connected the left caliper middle piston to the auxiliary master cylinder input line and line going to the PCV. Line G should go from the left caliper middle piston to the auxiliary master cylinder output port and the line which runs to the delay valve. Note: it is very difficult (but not impossible!) to get the short G line routed the way I did, and the double banjo bolt in that position was very difficult (but not impossible!) to install with almost zero clearance with the front rim. Furthermore, even after installing, the double banjo at the auxiliary cylinder input made it difficult (but not impossible!) to remove and install the front wheel when I was going through the bleeding process. I should have stopped and re-read the instructions when that part of the install was getting so difficult, as everything up to that point had gone very smoothly. I will report back when I have fixed my error and tested. It's too hot to do it right now, and life is happening, so it might be a few days.
  3. It's nice to have a simple thing to check, if only to rule it out. The piston in the front brake master cylinder is correctly oriented, one possible cause down. Unfortunately, I also have to re-adjust the steering head bearing nut (I had to replace the steering head bearings while all this was going on too.) I believe it could be either a master cylinder issue or the SMC thing. When I was going about the brake rebuilding, it was drug out over several weekends, so its very possible the dregs of old brake fluid crusted up in the SMC or master cylinder fluid passages. I'll report back when I've either found out which is the problem, or if I'm still stymied. Thanks!
  4. I've been doing a "little" maintenance on my 1998 fifth gen VFR. I rebuilt all the calipers (right front, left front, and rear), installed new brake pads, rebuilt all the master cylinders, (at the handlebar, at the left front caliper, and at the rear brake pedal), and I replaced the stock brake lines with the Galfer braided stainless steel lines kit. The instructions for the Galfer kit seemed pretty clear to me, and I have bled the brake system per the Honda shop manual. The brakes feel firm, but on a short shakedown cruise in the neighborhood, the brakes (especially after applying the rear brake pedal) don't release when I release pressure on the brakes. If I stop and wait a short while, they do release, slowly. What might be going on? Got a set of troubleshooting tasks to work through to zero in on the issue?
  5. Does anyone here have a source or recommendation for a caliper rebuild kits for the front brakes? I sourced a Parts Unlimited rebuild kit for the rear caliper, but the online Parts Unlimited catalog did not show anything for the '98-'99 model years. (only '00-'01). It looks like the kits would differ from left to right, but not absolutely certain about that. Thanks!
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