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  1. Actually all historic threads are there, you just sometimes have to adjust the link for them to come up.
  2. No offence to the WireMyBike guy, because he has spent a lot of time supporting the VFR community, but the VFRness is no longer needed as upgrading your R/R and directly wiring it to the battery seems to be a much better solution. Using the SH847 also has benefits for stator life, too.
  3. thtanner

    Old Tires

    Love those RS3s
  4. That was a "by the book" thing. I'll add an asterisk and note it may not be required.
  5. Used FH020AA from FZ09 are on eBay for the guys wanting to be "super cheap". I've gotten them as cheap as $25 Eastern beaver connectors. Wire & Fuse off Amazon/etc.= Sub $60 upgrade
  6. They're what the book calls for. I personally go by feel for the most part.
  7. www.roadstercycle.com get the SH847 kit
  8. Stock is thinning out. $5000-7000 for a brand new motorbike of impeccable quality is an insane deal. Worth jumping on them now while you can.. in 2 years going to have lots of people with 6th gens getting tired and the owners wishing they had grabbed an 8th. Oh if the lack of an undertail exhaust is holding you back, you should re-evaluate your requirement. Undertail exhaust puts weight up too high. The side can offsets the SSSA weight making the 8th as balanced as the 5th gen was. 🙂 Stock bags too small? Only like 1% of 6th gen owners have OEM bags. The same aftermarket options are still there for 8th.
  9. What you feel in your 6th gen is a LOSS of power before VTEC engagement, not VTEC bringing a boost of power. The 8th doesn't loose power before VTEC engagement like the 6ths did, so no "dip"
  10. What do you mean "what other options?" Tons of Gen8s around, brand new.
  11. Wish they'd allow us to return the restrictive filter for the new one; I have one taking up space on a shelf. No sense to run it over stock.
  12. It shouldn't affect it negatively that I could see. The ECU cuts ignition/fuel temporarily when it senses the shift.
  13. Yes, for over 2 hours in the dark. This bike followed me to a car/bike show with the LED lights I posted. Rider reports best visibility ever, and I had no issues with them being too high, bouncing, that sort of stuff. I feel the OEM LEDs on the 2014 are amazing.
  14. They made minor alterations to the bike in 2017 for Euro4 - May have have been so all "RC93" models are Euro4 compliant. Yep, so if someone in the US want a brand new Honda VFR800, you best find one sitting on a dealer floor. As an American that's your last chance to get one (new).
  15. https://staintune.com.au/pages/epa-compliance
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