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  1. Wish they'd allow us to return the restrictive filter for the new one; I have one taking up space on a shelf. No sense to run it over stock.
  2. That low rpm shifting hurt my soul.
  3. 6 pages already. Honestly this needs 2 threads. An official update/build thread, and the discussion thread. Otherwise I don't know if I want to bother sifting through multiple pages to try to find the updates.
  4. I did not have to do that, no. The suction on the tool seems to do a good enough job. I always do a few final quick crack open 'bleeds' while the other person is holding down the brake or clutch lever. Pushes that last bit of air out.
  5. Those things make bleeding brakes a breeze. Even my 5th gen took me no time at all a few weekends ago. Amazing tool!
  6. I second everything you posted. Seafoam direct into the TB and a smoke show should help clean them up. Always impresses the neighbors when your vehicle becomes a smoke machine /s
  7. 1) Re: Note c - can we have Wade perform the expansion of our midpipe connector for an additional fee? (applies to local members only I'd imagine) 1a) Re: Note c- Possible to pay extra to have the 49mm midpipe connection as modifying a Staintune may be out of the question for me.
  8. Color me surprised, someone actually did it. Once they start shipping I'll pickup a high mileage 5th gen to beat on and grab a set for it. I have an old trusty Power Commander 2 ready to go 😄
  9. Mine has had ~32-38mpg since 1199 miles on the ODO. I manage 44mpg on the 8th gen. Wife gets 48mpg on her 8th gen, softer on the throttle and weighs less. Rider weight and luggage also factor in. Heck, so does tire pressure. Rolling resistance goes up a ton even if psi is down by 5-10.
  10. I told you on Facebook, you are chasing ghosts. Early 5th gens aren't as gas mileage friendly as newer generations. You describe pretty normal mileage for a 98-99. Sync those throttle bodies (mainly just good maintenance item to do for smoother riding), can take the injectors out and have them cleaned and flow tested, and check the FPR just in case. The 6th gen got better gas mileage, and the 8th gen gets even better.
  11. Impatiently waits for someone to post dyno results from any header what-so-ever. So many headers, so little data.
  12. It's not wrong, it's just the way it was sometimes labeled in the UK and some other countries. Yes, I lived in the UK too I'm not just some dumb American, and it is NOT the first instance of this I've seen. The real model year is ofc 1998-2001 but bikes were sold late 1997, to early 2002. Some companies chose to base the dates on the first/last year reg, not the "model" years. To say that the company is stupid or didn't do their research because they chose to use the year scheme many others have in the region is a bit disingenuous. It's been like that since.. well 1997 and nobody complained then 😉
  13. More proof of the UK numbering. This is for pre-cat converter 5th gens, notice how it starts at 97
  14. The year thing is because of the UK. 5th gens were released late 1997 so there are 1997 plated bikes. It's appropriate given the region.
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