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  1. thtanner

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    Bent it's those Scamsoil salesmen that ruin it for that product. It's marketed like Kirby vacuums, and that doesn't sit well with most people.
  2. thtanner

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    I have no skin in the game, but some data posted to a wordpress site is not going to be my #1 go-to.
  3. thtanner

    VFR800F OEM Quick Shifter video

    No, it is not for downshifting. For up shifts, 50% or more throttle is best. HIgher RPMs result in smoother shifting. All the quick shifter does is kill ignition for a half second when it detects you pushed up.
  4. thtanner

    Any News of a 2019 new model???

    Technically that only applies to the AU market. It is likely to continue to Europe for several more years.
  5. thtanner

    VFR800F OEM Quick Shifter video

    It's good for anything that isn't 1-2. That is always jumpy, and I elect to use the clutch for that. 2-3 and up are butter smooth at decent RPMs.
  6. thtanner

    Surging at 3,500rpm

    It is a wee bit low, but it's not grounding out so that's good. I bet an updated regulator (SH847) would up your charging a bit. That being said, I don't think charging is the source of your woes. Could just be fuel delivery. Someone had a fuel filter cause similar symptoms.
  7. thtanner

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    Geez, I was just making a joke and this happened.
  8. thtanner

    Surging at 3,500rpm

    Did you repeat the test across all 3 legs? Is that what you are getting from them all? Also, you need to test resistance to ground. it should be infinite
  9. thtanner

    Surging at 3,500rpm

    Yea you will definitely need to unhook the stator connector from the regulator (bike runs on battery only at this stage.) Then test wire 1 to wire 2, wire 1 to wire 3, and wire 2 to wire 3. Make sure the multimeter is on AC
  10. thtanner

    "No Notice" Palomar Sunday - Sept 16, 2018

    Had 5 riders total, 3 of them 8th gen VFRs! Rare to see so many new VFRs in one place.
  11. thtanner

    Surging at 3,500rpm

    Without the stator test, it is impossible to tell; I have money on the stator having continuity to ground, but I could be wrong. The reason being is the RR can only convert what AC power it receives to DC, so if the regulator is not getting enough juice, it can't do it's job.
  12. Ordered this one off Amazon. I like charcoal grey shirts; they seem softer than most for whatever reason.
  13. thtanner

    Wrap or Paint?

    The goal to removal is making sure its 100% super clean prior to application. Smoother the surface, easier the peel.
  14. thtanner

    Cam Chain life span?

    ACCTs last 40k miles or so. The chain is lifetime. Rebuilding ACCTS does not work long term, and should never be used to get out of replacing the tensioner. Also, sometimes the clutch basket starts to make a little noise and it sounds like a tensioner/cam chain. Worth double checking it's not just that.
  15. thtanner

    Wrap or Paint?

    Yep, Plasti-Dip or Dupli-Colors version of it. Peels right off

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