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  1. Buy the exact plugs as specified in the owners manual. The manual has part numbers. They come pre-gapped. Do not adjust the gap, especially with an old style tool. Denso or NGK only on plugs, again, as specified in the owners manual. Looks like they sent you the pre-VTEC style, which is different. Denso are just fine. They're identical in quality to NGK and work properly. Having the right part # helps though
  2. Wish they'd allow us to return the restrictive filter for the new one; I have one taking up space on a shelf. No sense to run it over stock.
  3. It shouldn't affect it negatively that I could see. The ECU cuts ignition/fuel temporarily when it senses the shift.
  4. Yes, for over 2 hours in the dark. This bike followed me to a car/bike show with the LED lights I posted. Rider reports best visibility ever, and I had no issues with them being too high, bouncing, that sort of stuff. I feel the OEM LEDs on the 2014 are amazing.
  5. They made minor alterations to the bike in 2017 for Euro4 - May have have been so all "RC93" models are Euro4 compliant. Yep, so if someone in the US want a brand new Honda VFR800, you best find one sitting on a dealer floor. As an American that's your last chance to get one (new).
  6. https://staintune.com.au/pages/epa-compliance
  7. Sold my 6th gen and bought the 8th the very next day. Never looked back. 8th is simply a better motorcycle. I think it was tuned for slightly less top speed but added low end, either way with the quickshifter the 8th is quicker 😉 I'm a huge fan of my 5th gen, and I feel more 5th gen lineage in the 8th than I do the 6th. It has that Honda feel!
  8. That low rpm shifting hurt my soul.
  9. I used the RAM handlebar mount and used the tank bolts. Way better than using the steering stem (that turns with the bars vs staying static)
  10. Cant you just.. unplug the stator wires from the RR to test? Same with the 12v connector? It really is something I'd suggest avoiding. Just a complication and further troubleshooting steps waiting to happen. FWIW Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm shaking my head going "why?!" over and over again.
  11. Why did you use the eyelets and not just solder those connections? Adding unnecessary mechanical connections and complications on a circuit that experiences a variety of temperatures, weather conditions, and vibrations is probably not the best.
  12. They are just using the photos as reference photos. No scam.
  13. 6 pages already. Honestly this needs 2 threads. An official update/build thread, and the discussion thread. Otherwise I don't know if I want to bother sifting through multiple pages to try to find the updates.
  14. I did not have to do that, no. The suction on the tool seems to do a good enough job. I always do a few final quick crack open 'bleeds' while the other person is holding down the brake or clutch lever. Pushes that last bit of air out.
  15. I got mine cheaply at Harbor Freight.
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