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  1. thtanner

    Cyclops LED

    Definitely looking into these, thanks Terry
  2. thtanner

    Day ride recommendation near Irvine

    ACH is getting chilly. I'll be there this weekend in my car but expecting mid 40s-50s. Winter gear guys won't have an issue!
  3. thtanner

    5th Gen vs 6th Gen VFR800

    As far as the valves, on the 5ths you'll find they need done less often than 6ths. At 84k miles, some valves did need adjustment though 🙂 Our 87k mi 5th runs as nice as our 8k mi 5th, if that says something 😄
  4. thtanner

    8Th Gen Tail Tidy

    What's the point of a tail tidy if the thing you replace it with is bigger and more gaudy?
  5. thtanner

    5th Gen vs 6th Gen VFR800

    Going to just say it; 5th gen is a better bike than the 6th in my experience, having owned both. I own a 1998, and a 2014. I sold my 2002 to get the 2014 and *never looked back.* If it were me though, I'd tell you to look at a 2014/2015 leftover VFR on showroom floors instead of buying a 20 year old used bike and having to deal with the maintenance associated.
  6. thtanner

    Tires again !!

    36f/42r is absolutely perfect for both me and my wife. So hey, I guess I need to lay off the drugs and seek professional help since I run 42r. My tires get good mileage and grip is fantastic, but hey, we're loonies! It's a great starting point. Dial it in from there.
  7. thtanner

    2002 badging/decal US edition

    Nothing at all on the side fairings. Just paint.
  8. thtanner

    Multiple Bike Disorder (MBD)

    It's ok, if you're like me you'll end up selling it within 2 years. Nice bike, amazing suspension and fun engine, but absolutely no relaxation while riding it. It's like sitting on top of an angry toddler. Never felt so annoyed at being on a bike, one that performed well, too... lol
  9. 16k? I'd wait until 32 if it was me 😄 Rarely are they out that early.
  10. thtanner

    New Battery?

    I, however, 100% only use YUASA and always get 7+ years out of them.
  11. thtanner


    I miss my ST1100. Cracking motorbike!
  12. thtanner

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Come now, you don't want to spend twice the value of the bike getting it there? 😉 It is for our UK friends to step up on that one.
  13. thtanner


    I'd vote to have Sargent redo your seat myself.
  14. thtanner

    PC3 and PAIR Valve Mod

    While it does make it obsolete, you can remove all the PAIR plumbing and install block off plates on the engine to make things a tad tidier.
  15. thtanner

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Here it is, folks. Time to put up or shut up about the headers. Get them a donor bike and make it happen!

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