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  1. Put 500 miles down on Saturday it was a wonderful day. It's been close to 14 years since I have been able to do that.  

  2. So I really don't have time to read through all of this thread. Is there a dyno chart or something to see the hp changes. Thanks
  3. I have to say I am really confused why the stock R/R has 5 wires going to the power side of it and the new one only has 2...
  4. Thanks for all that help guys. Got the new R/R installed today and it is charging at about 14v at idle. Now just have to put it back together and then swap out my handlebars back to the stock one due to the tow truck guy bending the hell out of mine... Then a new water pump soon.
  5. Well, I talked to Jack today and will be buying the mosfet set up... Does anyone know if you have to the mounting bracket to make it fit? Or you can you make it fit without the bracket? I honestly can't remember the mileage I think it around 20k. I have been putting this off for way too long due to the fact I have been just been too poor to fix her 😢
  6. So I have tried to search through all of this place and there seems to be some conflict on the r/r issues. I have a Yellow 2000 VFR and the charging system went sideways on my first real ride and I have just let the poor girl just sit in my shop for way too long and need to get her back on the road. So can I not just buy a new R/R from Honda? Or will it go right away? I really want to bolt the part on and not do a lot of modifications to make it work right. This my 2nd 2000 and the first one I put about 40,000 miles on and never had a problem with the charging system but this one went out right after I got it and it bummed me out and then the tow company bent my high rise handlebars and refused to replace them. So any of you kind people can point me in the right direction on what to buy to make it work the best I would greatly appreciate any help you can give... I thought there was a sticky thread about this but could not find it.
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    Metatron's cube....................................
  8. zx9vfr800


    Love the bike and the painting behind the bike, good work...
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