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  1. That's pretty weird in my opinion. I've never seen a purposely drilled hole in an exhaust collector from a manufacturer of any vehicle. Knucklehead, amateur cheap mods a-plenty, but.... I like the carbon fiber Delkovic that is on my bike. I use the baffle and it's plenty quiet, yet satisfying upon aggressive"beans" application.
  2. Some photos from the third day. Utah Hwy 128 south from I-70 to Moab has got to be one of the best roads in existence. Utah is serious about it's road surfaces. There were no cars until I hit Moab proper and south of there. 12 hours on day 3 through the desert took a bit out this old man, but it was well worth it. Going through Zion National Forest was too much. Just ....too much to see. Lots of people.
  3. I'm moving to Las Vegas, so I'm turning the transport of my bike into a long overdue vacation. That's why the cowl is on there. Although, it seems to keep everything in place and I think it looks kind of funny in a too-big-of-a -sandwich kind of way. Weather is great in Colorado. I have a mesh jacket and pants that I had to put a rain liner under because it was chilly in the morning. I got that Ski New Mexico photo because of that. Hwy 50 westbound through Monarch Pass was simply amazing. The temp changed 25 to 30 degrees as I went up the pass. I was sweating, then shivvering in the span of 5 minutes. Kind of bummed there was no turnout at the continental divide.
  4. I just got the Michelin Pilot Road 2s mounted, added a rear tire hugger, threw a bunch of stuff on it and am currently in Dalhart, TX getting ready to ride to Grand Junction, CO tomorrow morning. The long way.
  5. I just purchased a set of Michelin Road Pilot 2s from Amazon for $230. It will be another $100 to get them mounted. Doing a few burnouts to use up the original tires. 7500 miles on them, pretty old, so the burnouts are very easy and easier on the bike. Not much smoke, either. I haven't done a burnout since 1990-something on my GS1100. Not as much fun as I remember.... Purchased a NOS passenger pillion from Ebay for a very reasonable price. I just need to find the grab handles. I purchased the bike in October with 700 miles on it. It has the cowl set up.The dealer had less than zero interest in assisting with sourcing these items. Tank bag and saddle bags for an upcoming road trip through Colorado and Utah to Las Vegas. Next up is a tire hugger and steel braided brake lines. Although, I am considering moving up the 847 stator dealio in the pecking order.
  6. So, my QS works much better at higher rpm. I use it when "getting the gunk out", but I use the clutch below 5000 rpm.
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