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  1. Alas- the one that got away - actually I pushed it away. My '95 was the first street bike I actually owned. I bought it lightly used, and it had been down on the left side only but came with a new panel. It was the second one I looked at - the first one had bailing wire up in the fairings and didn't quite sound right 🙂 One of my only regrets is that I only owned that 1995 for a year. My arthritis was not yet under control and being in any kind of a tuck was miserable - I just couldn't bend my right knee for more than a few minutes. I was impatient, and traded it without ever really bonding with the bike and realizing it's potential, even thought I knew how good it was. Rather than modifying it, I traded it on a then new Yamaha FZ-1, a bike I literally grew to hate in less than a year. In that time, my medication changed, it worked, and I moved on to all manner of squidly goodness (R1, etc.) before ultimately regaining my sanity and moving on to a Triumph Sprint ST - I had two of them and I loved them. In fact, I really enjoyed every bike I owned except for that FZ-1, and I parted with them in due time on my own terms. The only REGRET I have is selling the 1995 VFR. A cautionary tale I suppose. "Things" come and go in your life, some for the better, and some for the worse, but there are ultimately very few things we procure in the short time we have in this world that are truly special. It is incumbent upon us to recognize these things and cherish/appreciate them. Age and time conspire against us - we must persist and remain diligent to keep old flames alive. 🙂
  2. It was across all gears at low RPMs. Speed... that's hard to say. Lower speeds typically indicate lower RPMs for me, but I could get it rolling out from 0-25, coming out of tight corners at 35-40 or at highway speeds between 45-80. Anything beyond that the RPMs are high anyway. Speed didn't seem to matter much - it was all down to RPMs. It's about perfect now - no issues. I took it out for a good thrash on Wednesday (probably our last 70+ degree day😪) and it was a joy to ride. Everything is smooth from 1500 to redline. So I guess I'm keeping it, much to the chagrin of the Ducati dealer 😆
  3. So success... I think.... Rode it today with the Delkevic exhaust (with the dB Killer installed) and its still running really well. Idle still a little high but only by 100-200 RPM so I'll deal with that at some point. It rode as well as it did the other day, but obviously sounded much better. I did notice that there was less popping/crackling with the exhaust off-throttle - it was pretty obnoxious before. I was very careful to torque everything down to spec this time (hey... its a science experiment...) and I do wonder if maybe I was sloppy on the last couple installs. Not saying it contributed to the symptoms overall, but and interesting observation none-the-less. The only other variable is that the weather is a little cooler/drier that it was a couple of weeks back. Saturday was cool, and today was low 70's. 2-3 weeks ago it was mid-high 80's. Alas, I can't test for that for 9 months at this point 🙂
  4. For anyone that cares, the latest: Friend came over and tore it down past the air box. We did some basic sensor measuring on the meter per the manual, but everything seemed within spec. The air filter looked fine ( I have a new one on order - it is the original), and everything was fairly tight/clean - nothing seemed amiss. We did the "flapper mod", made sure all connections were clean and tight, and I had run a tank full of Seam Foam through it over the last week. We did tweak the idle as it was a little low. After buttoning it back up, it;'s like a different engine. Well, not quite that extreme, but it pulls strong and smooth from 2500 to redline. The VTEC transition is almost imperceptible. Off-idle/low RPM performance is significantly improved. I can't get it to surge/buck/hesitate/stumble. I could reproduce it at will previously. It sounds a little better on the intake, but that was to be expected. The only problem? I don't feel like I "did" anything. Other than the flapper mod to the air box and the Sea Foam, plus some random tightening/re-plugging sensors that didn't actually seem to need it, not much changed. My brain tells me that none of it should have made a huge difference, but the bike is running much better/smother that it was. Since I can't leave well enough alone, I put the Delkevic back on this evening and will report my findings after I ride tomorrow. Thx for all the help/advice so far!
  5. So I have a buddy coming over Saturday - he's a mechanic and understands such things. Also has the tools I don't. I found the sensor reading "flow chart" in the service manual so I at least know where to start some of the process. I need to get myself a good meter. Stupid question: is there a preferred method of siphoning out the gas from the tank other than the time honored "plastic tube hope I don't swallow gasoline in the process" trick?
  6. Thx Danno! The problem is that it also requires tools and skill - something I lack at the moment 🙂 I had a multimeter at one point - not sure where it is at the moment. Also would need to know where to measure - is that covered in the service manual? Are there any obvious things to check first that require only visual inspection? 🙂
  7. OK - so I swapped in the factory exhaust, and it made no difference so this has evolved from a swap in/swap out bolt-on experience to a full-blown trouble shooting exercise. I will try to set the table accordingly. Here's what we know: - The bike stutters and surges at low RPM's. Careful testing today shows that I get the stutters/surges at essentially anything under 5000 RPM. - The bike pulls strong and clean from 5k to Redline - At the moment the bike is bone stock - The bike (2014) was stock when I got it. It had 1100 miles on it and the OEM tires (yes - I replaced those in short order) - Fluids were changed prior to my purchase but likely nothing else - The bike was subject to what appears to be a light tip over on the left side by previous owner- everything is straight and you have to know where to look for the marks - I have done nothing but swap the exhaust and change the oil. - All visible/tangible electronics work fine Here's what we don't know: - Where the bike sat and for how long. I don't know if it languished on a dealer floor or got snapped up early and lived in a garage. - The previous owners riding habits/style (other than infrequent...) - Previous modifications that may have been removed. It was stock when I got it save for a link lowering kit that was removed. So - where do I start from here? I think I should check the airbox, and maybe SeaFoam it. Beyond that, I have no idea what to do beyond that or what order I should do it in. I've never had a bike with an issue like this but I would prefer to at least try the routine stuff myself before if subject it to the services department's abilities. Thx in advance!!!!
  8. Just wanted to update this: I went back to "full loud" with the dB Killer removed and the problem persists - I took the "no cost" option of putting the stock exhaust back on last night. Forgot how quiet it was - disturbingly quiet. Hopefully ride a little today to see what happens. I've identified the symptoms a little more accurately - it's between around 3500 and 5000. I notice it most when coming out of corners where I don't have the RPM's I usually have. It will stumble and surge to about 5000 to 5500 RPM. If I'm hard on the throttle it's worse because it goes from stumble/surge/flat to VTEC very quickly, which exacerbates the issue. It is smooth as silk from 5K to redline, BTW. If I keep it on the "boil" I don't notice anything. I've had enough bikes in my life - this is definitely odd. The stock pipe will be interesting. I'm riding the bike harder/more aggressively since I removed it, so if it isn't solved, I'm worried to think what the issue might be. Anyone know a good Honda mechanic in Western PA. Anyone know a good Dyno shop? I should know soon enough. Thx for all the replies to this point!
  9. Rode hard today with the dB killer "spud" installed - I put it in a few days ago to tame the noise. I noticed that there seems to be a noticeable hesitation/stumble around 3-4K, and it seems more common with softer throttle inputs. I did NOT notice this with the baffle removed. The logical test would be to remove the spud again and see what happens, but just curious if this is a "thing" that can be solved in another way. I don't love the idea of going back to "full loud" and I'm not thrilled with spending the money for a Power Commander, which leaves me the option of "stock exhaust" which obviously isn't fabulous either. Maybe it's in my head? Maybe it was always there but masked by the outrageous noise? <Edited to add: it was crazy hot today with ridiculous humidity - I mean soupy-thick. Not sure that could play a role, but this is the first time out in 90+ F. heat and extremely high humidity> Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions? Insults? I'll take anything 🙂 Thx!
  10. I installed my Delkevic with the baffle removed, so I didn't appreciate the difference until I popped it back in. Without it, It sounded great at first, but on a long ride the drone would start to get annoying. I was surprised at how much difference the 'spud' made when on the bike. I still sounds good off the bike, but appears much less fatiguing on the bike with the helmet on at speed. Need to go on a longer ride to really get a good sense of it.
  11. Put the "spud" (DbKiller) back into my Delkevic exhaust. As much as I liked the sound, it was just too loud. It still sounds good, but it's lost that "punch you in the gut" immediacy it had. Definitely better than stock, but not as compelling as the full-on brutality of an uncorked system. At least now I don't have to roll down hill with the clutch full in to avoid too much attention at 7:00 AM.
  12. Put Tank Slapper film on the tank for some paint protection. A complete PITA. I've applied them before and never had any issue, but I'm not convinced the cut outs were specific to the 2014 model year. In the past, I just used a credit card and my fingers for smoothing - this time after a couple of failed attempts I had to break down and get one of those detailer squeegees. It worked for the back part of the tank, but doesn't look as glass-smooth as previous installations. I don't know if I will even attempt the side tank panels - they don't seem to line up with anything without going under trim pieces or overlapping the rear tank piece. The rear is the important one - at I least that's on and hopefully it sticks.
  13. I didn't do much - who ever owned it before me had the rebound and preload ratcheted all the way to firm. I dialed preload up to two clicks from full-hard (third notch on the shock) and rebound two turns out from full-hard. Not much else I can adjust being that I bought the "bargain basement" model. At least every bump isn't amplified up my spine now. I'm thinking about having the front sorted, but I need to make sure the bike is a keeper. Need more miles to determine that.
  14. Been riding my 2014 for about four months now. It's a good bike - a very good bike. I'm not certain it will ever be great for me, but I picked it up with 1100 miles on it for a price I couldn't refuse. I've put around 3K miles on it so far and here's what I've learned: - The exhaust note was too quiet. Non existent. Pathetic. So I put a Delkevic on it. Now it's too loud, but it's glorious. At some point I'll put the spud back in to tame it, but for now I'm enjoying pissing of suburbia. Don't like it? How 'bout you tame that neurotic clown show of a $1000 "what-the-f*ck-a-doodle" at 2;00 AM. Then we'll talk.... - It's heavy. The heaviest bike I've owned. At times it feels ponderous. I know it's not a GSX-R or R1 - bikes I am more than a little familiar with - but I had a '95 VFR and I don't remember it being nearly as cumbersome as this one at low speeds or shuffling around in the garage. I get the same sensation as I get after I've had a few too many drinks at my age- ready to fall over at the slightest provocation. I had two Triumph Sprint ST's along the way - those were more manageable as well. Borderline fugly, but fun/easy to ride and manageable. Triples are kewl. - VTEC is.... there. I could take it or leave it. The sound is nice. I just don't see the need. - Replaced the original tires - which were turds (hey.. they were old OEM...). Replaced them them with Dunlop Roadsmart 3's. They seem nice - I'm not going to get anywhere near the advertised milage out of them. At this rate I'm thinking I might get 5K miles or so. If that holds, it's a marked improvement over the 1500-1800 I got on my sport tires, but then those bikes had considerably more horsepower, and I rode considerably more idiotic. - Suspension is "meh". Once I figured out that Honda set the bike up at the factory to run on glass roads piloted by small, fit people, the adjustments were obvious. - It's gorgeous - no two ways about it. Not as drop-dead-sexy as my 2004 R1 but then, you know what they say about hot, fast women - they cost a lot and at some point get you into trouble. The VFR is classy, and far, far more attractive than my Triumphs. It's a "MILF": beautiful but mature and refined. Like I said, it's a very good bike. A nice bike to re-enter riding, except for the weight. At the moment I still prefer my Triumph Sprint ST's, ( I had two...) mostly because the were 80-90 lbs. lighter and I had the suspensions on both redone with Racetech components by a friend of mine. They had more power, too, with just enough or torque to make me lazy (ie: "do I really FEEL like shifting?". I'd prefer my last R1 as well, but that's not fair and I couldn't ride one of those now more than an hour or so without a break and a couple of Advil- completely different mission. The mind is willing but the body isn't so able these days. I need to put more miles on it before I render ultimate judgement. I threw my leg over a Supersport S and that might be a bike I could really get along with - at least for a while. Lighter, with just enough comfort to get me through a 250-350 mile day in the mountains. Then again - not sure how I'd get along with useless mirrors and Italian reliability, not to mention the fuel capacity. Neat bike, though. We shall see. If my right knee gets much worse I may well end up in a cheap sports car for my thrills. That would likely cost me a wife... which is essentially an equitable trade at this point, all things considered. It's frustrating though - a 998cc V4 without the VTEC trickery, shave off 50-60 lbs., and Honda could have had a bike for the ages. The penultimate Sports Tourer. The gold standard by which all other "quasi-practical" motorcycles would have been measured against. An epic icon. The VFR goes out in style - an uncontested champion. As it stands... it's a very good motorcycle.
  15. There is anecdotal evidence to suggest he/she was a large person..... 🙂 As is the key in all thing mechanical, it's usually down to having the right tools. Sometimes I sucks at that....
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