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  1. Thanks. I saw the seat tag and went to Corbin Site but it wasn't there so figured it might be another MFG. I'll keep researching.
  2. Did a few vfrdiscussion site searches but could only find info on Givi and one had a baby in the trunk. I am looking for the one on the attached picture for my 01'. Any idea who makes or made it? Not looking for a full system just somewhere to store my hat, ear plugs and small stuff.
  3. There are a few PC Dealers on the website in So Cal. Looking to see if anyone has used a dealer that they trust. I don't know what a starter valve is so being a VFR Noob i will research what that is. Yes, clean Air Filter before a tune. My bikes spare parts came with a new in box BMC Air Filter. PO said he was going to change it when the next service came up. Not sure if the BMC is garbage, better than stock, better than a K&N or ?? Will see if i can find some reviews online.
  4. Not sure this is the correct forum but i have a 01' that i just bought with a Power Commander 3. I have the PC paperwork, CD etc but no notes that i can see. On the PC website there is Software and Firmware which is basically in another language to me. My bike has no motor mods but does have a GPR Slip On. I would like to make sure that the PC is up to date on the Software/Firmware and the "Tune" is correct and everything is good. My only future mods are maybe a header and air filter but that is it. So, the question i have is there a Dyno Shop in So Cal (i live in Ramona, CA) that can hook my bike up and check out the PC?
  5. After seeing a Senior in HS (1989) pull up on an 86' i knew i had to have one at some point in my life. First time owner of a VFR now. Was torn between a Gen 5 and 6 and would have been happy with either. Mine appeared on CL, fit all my checklist requirements, rode it, heard the exhaust and Gear Driven Cams and she now resides under cover in my garage. 2001 Honda VFR 800 20261mi Power Commander 3 G.P.R exhaust MOTO CNC bar risers Sargent front and rear seat Givi Touring windshield Forks have Racetech Springs, Gold Valves & Revalved for 185lb rider Shock has Racetech Spring, Gold Valve & Revalved for 185lb rider So far it is wicked fun. Needs new Fork Seals (leak) and will have the oil changed int he Forks and Shock while i have them out. https://youtu.be/SxD5bU8deOg Ride safe everyone
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