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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the VFRD community! Very thankful for Miguel for bringing us all together in the one thing we all have in common, motorcycles and the many generations of the VFR. Peace and Love to all! Ride when you can, never know what is around the corner! panamawing
  2. Old school yoshimura on the 4th gen
  3. Great pics and write up! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Great trip, great riding, great sumsum4! Thanks to all! As usual, I took very few pictures, but here is Devils Tower! Spectacular!
  5. panamawing


    First time in almost 78,000 miles this 06 as left me at the roadside. Electric gremlins , all of the dash quit working, managed to get off intestate before bike finally died. AAA rocks!p stator fried
  6. panamawing


    Dragon slayer Terry!
  7. Glad to be on board! Look forward to seeing seeing old and meeting new friends. you shouldn’t have an issue keeping up with me terry, just remember it is not a race and ride your own ride.
  8. finally came to my senses and registered!
  9. panamawing

    Bluff Utah

    Sweet! Only 600+ miles away.
  10. panamawing

    Wolf Creek Pass Colorado

    Nice! Looks like the same pull over I took advantage of to change my pop up camper tire that blew on the way up heading east! Maybe maybe not but a great gray picture with a touch of blue!
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