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  1. Hello, I haven’t run conti motions on a 3rd or 4th Gen but have run a couple of sets on a 6th Gen fully loaded down with side bags top box and camping gear for a 10 day adventure. These budget tires were up to the task. Very capable sport touring tires for a person on a budget.
  2. Nice 4th gen VFR750, 1995. 36000 miles, decent, very good plastics. Although willing to sell stock, would like to sell bike with following mods: 8 spoke daugherty stock rear shock rebuild Daugherty front fork internals tyga left exit full header exhaust system mra touring screen throttlemeister cruise control gen mar risers new tires fresh mobile one oil new stator and rectifier/regulator shorties adj levers elec outlet All original stock components available! Very nice example of a 4th Gen. $3000 stock, $500
  3. 4th Gen half yoshimura half header system. 94-97 known fitment. 3rd ? condition is used. View pics ask questions. Solid system with all necessary springs, clamps, hanger for installation. Easy install! If I can do it............? Awesome rare exhaust system for the 4th Gen. $400, shipping included lower 48! respectfully, panamawing
  4. Come on man, I just installed the yoshimura half header system you sold me......for sale yoshimura half header system, lmao! Glad to know the tuga systems are available. By the way, very happy with the 1/2 yosh!
  5. panamawing

    9 29 2020 (16) b.jpg

    slo1, always amazed at your photo skills capturing your riding experience at all the beautiful locations your vfr takes you, thanks for sharing
  6. Understand completely, fine line from too frickin loud and sounds great. Previous Staintune and 2brothers slip on’s were just too loud with out the sounding loud but acceptable 4V growl the Yosh province Imhotep.
  7. no problem. I have experienced several exhausts myself. Have not been fortunate to get my hands on a left two brothers system.....
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