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  1. That is one fine looking machine Polyian. You obviously have great taste in mc's.
  2. Utah! My absolute favorite place to ride. I've ridden: US 191 south from I-80 to west-bound 95 south of Blanding to Glen Canyon NRA back up (north-bound) to Blanding then west-bound on 12. Then south on 89 and west on on 9 at Mt Carmel Junction brings one into Zion NP. Jaw-dropping scenery! I've explored the dirt trailes west of Ceder City passing by Brian's Head. Makes the case for So Many Roads - So Little Time.
  3. +1 on Jaime suspension upgrades. Transformed my ride into nearly-telepathic control.
  4. I also have a useful-farmer-to-the-rescue story: (I cannot remember exactly where it happened but it was on the way home from a Sum-Sum gathering in CO.) It was late in the day and there was a camping sign on the highway directing my up a certain road (no distance information given). So I head that way and ran out of gas before I got to the campground. A family heading home came up behind me and asked if I needed help. This was in the middle of nowhere in the dark. I explained I was just out of gas. So mom gets out of the van and says she’ll push me to their farm just up the road (on her feet, not with her vehicle). I reluctantly agreed (she explained she was a high-mile runner and it would be no problem for her). By the time we got to there place it was late; I pitched my tent in their yard and everyone went to bed. When I got up they invited me in and fed me a nice breakfast, filled my tank from their on-site tank (5.55 gallons) and would not take any money for the help. I thanked them profusely and heading on my way. Talk about a Good Samaritan!
  5. I ABSOLUTELY love that front cowl and the round headlights.
  6. Different strokes for different spokes. I parked at the entrance of Welch Village Ski Area for a hydration break.
  7. I'd like to comment on the wisdom of de-linking the machines' brakes. Motorcycle Consumer News used to publish used bike values a couple of times a year. At the end of those pages they published various "best" measurements, one of which was 60 - 0 braking distances. The VFR800fi had tied for 6th best at 108.something feet. Most motorcycle reviews consider 120 feet 60 - 0 a great result. To achieve best performance braking one must use both front and rear brakes together. My local Honda mc shop mechanic pointed out that doing so regularly helped to evenly wear both ends so replacing pads front and rear at the same time becomes optimal. Additionally, I learned at a local track's Advanced Rider Courses that linked brakes automatically produced trail braking; a good thing.
  8. That is a very useful bit of information which should reduce the chance of it happening. Did you meet any nice people providing help? When that has happened to me, more than I'd like to admit (blush), I did meet some very nice peeps while twiddling my thumps while looking forlorn, or pushing my machine toward a refueling station.
  9. Welcome to the asylum Polyian. We are so looking forward to a picture of your machine. We need assurances that you are not a figment of our imagination. Ride safe and have fun. In. That. Order.
  10. Welcome to the asylum Rattymike69. We like to see a picture of your machine just to verify you are not a figment of our imagination. Ride safe and have fun - in that order. 🙂
  11. Back when my body was younger (my brain is still younger) I'd use my fifth gen for all my transportation except for when I needed more space for hauling BIG stuff or taking my dog with me (I've never been able to find a helmet to fit her) getting 50 - 60 mpg made me feel quite happy. And who wouldn't enjoy mileage double what a cage would get. And on long trips to the middle of nowhere it was comforting to be able to milk the bikes range to 300 miles. And the best part is the wonderful people one meets when out of gas on the side of the road and help is offered. P.S. Being a light-weight and small person certainly helps with range issues.
  12. Fabulous! I love the file cabinet approach. Thank you for the inspiration!
  13. Your comment reminds me of the moto of our Triumphs of Minnesots car club (I had an aluminum block V8 TR8): "But when it runs...."
  14. Welcome to the asylum Ejphotos. That's a great looking machine you have there. (I may be a little biased.) You obviously have great taste in mc's. Good luck with your clutch issues,
  15. Welcome to the asylum pietronaples. You obviously have great taste in mc's.
  16. Lookin' good there slowbird!
  17. Roadcrafter: 8 lb. Transit: 12 lb. Both suits are about a size medium. Aerostich says the Transit suit is hydroscopic - it absorbs no water (no weight gain when wet); I've been in some very heavy rainstorms and stayed dry And the leather bonded with Goretex is treated with a anti-UV treatment that is supposed to wear 10 F cooler that non-treated leather. It aslo has TF armor that is flexible at rest but hardens when struck, absorbing energy in the process
  18. I started out wearing a Aerostich Roadcrafter and put probably more that 100,000 miles on it in all sorts of weather. I think it is a fabulous piece of gear. But I bought my favorite piece of gear when the Transit Suit first came out (at age 62). I note the age because I used my whole first Social Security check to buy a Transit jacket. So great, I used my second SS check to buy the matching pants. It was that suit that saved my bacon and most likely my life when I hit my first deer at 65 mph on I-74 while passing through Urbana Il on the way to T-Mac. Insurance paid for it's replacement. I'm still wearing it many tens of thousands of miles later. Production stopped for several years because of the complexity of its manufacture. Aerostich is now making them again with several small improvments. I highly recommend them. I never leave home for riding without it.
  19. Yeah! Some people get all the skill and talent. Me? Notsomuch.
  20. I can empathise with your embarrassment. My foot has missed the sidestand a number of times. Twice resulting in broken bones in my foot. Full focus until standing upright off the machine is the watchword.
  21. Welcome to the asylum from The Land Of Interesting Weather. You obviously have great taste in mc's.
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