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  1. I'd suggest you look into a VFRness from wire-my-bike. And get an up-to-date R/R.
  2. Thank you very much Miguel for all you've done. This place has been like a second family for me. I'm aging out of mc riding as well. You are the only person in my life to give me the shirt of his back! I'll never forget you.
  3. At nearly 74 yrs old my arthritis has become so severe I am turning in my helmet. For sale: 2001 VFR800fi 66,000+ miles excellent condition - With Givi Sidebag rack & 41L and 35L hardbags - Pillion seat bag - Givi D200s Touring Screen (OEM windscreen included) - Givi tank bag with tank ring - Upgraded R/R and VFRness wiring loom (WireMyBike) - Power distribution block (WireMyBike) - Tapered roller bearing in steering head - SS braided brake lines - Speed bleeders for easy brake maintenance - LED headlights and fork-mounted driving lights* - DMr Performance Suspension front fork internals upgrade - DMr 959 shock upgrade - Suspension setup (with sag) for 180lb load - SebSpeed Clear Clutch Cover - Sargent Seat (OEM seat included - Rear seat cowl - Complete OEM tool kit - Never crashed – some scuffing from no-speed tip-over * Driving lights pattern is short forward and wide to the side focused – lighting up corners. $4100 with all bags and rack $3600 w/o bags and rack
  4. If my memory serves me right I passed that way while the road was under construction with traffic reduced to one lane while the oncoming lane was closed. A couple of times I managed to filter to the head of the the waiting line and allowed to be the first to proceed when our lane was opened. I had the whole road to myself for quite a while. That made this the best day of that long trip. Not equaled since.
  5. At least you will not see another one like yours. Unique in all respects.
  6. So you drew the eyes on the tape? Nice work. And the eyes do appear to be looking to where you want to go.
  7. I love your headlight covers. Sure beats the blue painters tape I use to cover my fragile bits during track time for the Advances Riders courses at the local track at DCTC.
  8. Holy socks! Fabulous pic.
  9. Thanks for the grin. When I was in high school my bedroom window looked out over a three-season porch roof with an oak tree nearby. There was a white squirrel that would cross the roof to take nuts right out of my hand. I still do enjoy watch the cute little critters to this day.
  10. I was struck today, looking at the picture with the tank removed, at how simple that machine is, compared to the complexity of my fifth gens, which are becoming scarier for me to contemplate fixing. Very greatful for the factory service manual and even more grateful for the collective intelligence of this discussion group. I tip my helmet to all who all the contributors.
  11. Good one. Actually she was angry at me for waking her up. If I could find a helmet to fit her she could come riding with me. But there is an on-going discussion between us over just who's chair that is. I am sorry for the thread highjack.
  12. MaxSwell

    Picture 056

    One fine looking pair of machines!
  13. We here in the midwest US have these new things spread all over. But many of ours are in farm country. Lots of space for these here in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, places I visit occasionally in my former rides and now in my cage. I'm too old to go on multi-day trips. A tent and camping gear that fits in my hardbags (41L x 2) the tent is too small for my arthritic body to sqeeze into. Local day trips are it from here on. But I still enjoy driving my 2008 Civic manual for trips to the Rocky Mountains. If motel rooms are too expensive (increalingly common) I can sleep in the car. And my three year old dog, Mojo, can come along.
  14. Hi MaxSwell, Thank you for your donation of 100.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  15. MaxSwell


    +1 Quite the gape-able machine! Congrats. You obviously have fabulous taste in mc's.
  16. Looks like the old fashion Netherlands windmills have been seriously upgraded.
  17. A great looking machine against a nasty looking sky.
  18. MaxSwell


    Is that a VFR Spidy seat cover I see?
  19. MaxSwell


    What a beaut! Love the color and the pipes.
  20. MaxSwell

    2JnCr9RJwKs (1).jpg

    Nice pipes! (Looks like you are wearing a life jacket. Planning on going for a swim?)
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