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    Switched Live

    Skids, this inquiring rider wants to know if you notice an increase in your conspicuity as a result of your added lighting. I installed LED driving lights (wide & short distance) to my forks. They, along with the LED headlights, seem to attract a lot of attention both from on-coming traffic and from vehicles ahead of me traveling in the same direction. I make sure the fork lights are focused so they will not hit on-coming traffic in the eyes. And I get no one flashing their high beams at me.
  2. Holy Socks! What a run of bad luck to spoil a get-away. I hope your insurance comes through for you. I can sympathize with your broken heart watching your steed immolate. And it's great that you yourself did not get burned. The terrain you videoed is quite stark. The state of Montana is called Big Sky Country. Your Terra Australis Incognita puts that name to shame. Yes please.
  3. Having owned 5 2000 or 2001 VFRs I've had to replace everyone's steering head bearings. Front end shimmies developed in each of them, one as "young as" 28,000 miles. In each case the effect was noticeable and a marked improvment. My first change out came around 70,000 miles on the Odo. The dealer first diagnosed a cupped front tire and he showed me why he thought that and they may have been a little cupped, so I had a new tire put on. It did not solve the symptoms completely. He then suggested replacing the steering head bearings. That solved the problem perfectly. I agree.
  4. From what I've seen come from your keyboard over the years I have to agree with Cluggo - you are at least brilliant if not a genious. So keep it up. Please.
  5. That is one fabulous looking 6th gen. IMHO. Love it. Ride safe and have fun - in that order.
  6. MaxSwell

    Pikes Peak

    Silver wheels! Were these painted / powder coated?
  7. MaxSwell

    last day

    You are my hero!
  8. It's true Bent. I have moved to "Life in the slower lane; I have lost (most of) my mind". (Apologies to The Eagles.)
  9. MaxSwell

    last day

    Looks like the cockpit of an irresistible force for killing hooved forest rats. I've heard you've gotten a few. That makes me happy. Too many of those buggers around now days.
  10. MaxSwell


    Are we going to get to see any of your recordings? Your mounting arrangment looks the same as my fork light mountings. Nice work.
  11. MaxSwell

    FB study

    Why am I not surprised?
  12. I'm no knee dragger but I routinely get 8,000 - 10,000 miles out of the Pilot Road 2 tires I've used in the last 10 years. The fronts usually have enough tread to keep using but I prefer getting tires in a set.
  13. MaxSwell


    I agree completely.
  14. Send in an oil sample for testing to check on the condition of the engine. A good report may build confidence for keeping it. (I did it at 104K; results (Nice bike!) are in my albums.
  15. First let me state that I've never had issues with the linked brake system. So now let me defend them. Motorcycle Consumer News used to publish use mc prices periodically. At the end of the article they published top performers in several catagories, one of which was 60 - 0 mph braking distances. The 1998 VFR800fi tied for 6th best at 108.something feet. Motorcycle reviews state that 120 feet is considered great. I'm a firm beliver of linked brakes. Additionally, when taking advanced rider training at a local track, when practicing trail braking, the coaches explained to me that the linked braking system is effectively trail braking when used. And I make it a habit to use both front and back brakes together. Makes the brake pads, front and rear, wear more equal.
  16. That is quite decent mileage from a rear. Looks Very Well Used.
  17. Not much is better than a day at the track. Love the opportunity to spend time over 8,000 rpm. I usually end up with a "Wah Hoo" also.
  18. That Fifth looks great in white. It's about time you got an example of the best generation Dutchy. Do it!
  19. Welcome to the asylum. Your anticipation level must be off the chart. You've come to the right place for all things Honda V4. Once you've figured out who the liers and BS'ers are.
  20. Same here! I had Jamie install fork internals and a rebuilt 929 shock. What a transformation! The bikes handling in now nearly telepathic. Absolutely the best modification to my '01 VFR800fi I've made; and I've made a few.
  21. Welcome to the asylum Suskwa29. You obviously have great taste in mc's. And you've picked the best generation. FI and gear-driven cams. And I do love riding in your provence. Had the opportunity to spend a month touring BC and I must say the roads were fabulous and the scenery quite spectacular. On top of all that, the people I met were welcoming. The folks I met at a PNW meet-up were very fun.
  22. Never a tree or other solid object (I do not consider hitting the ground a solid object). I have to admit to bouncing off of a barbedwire fence though. Good thing it was not "solid". (blush) Back on topic: Over 200,000 miles, with much of it camping along the way, with the bike out in the elements and at risk to dispicable bike thieves and vandals, I've never seen evidence of tampering with the machines. Another knock wood here
  23. I have found calling Givi USA engineers to be extremely helpful. http://www.giviusa.com/ NC: (704) 679-4123 NV: (775) 359-0900 At a minimum they can send you an installation instruction sheet. One very useful tip: put everything together on the bike with very loose connections. Do not tighten the connectors until all is in place. The installation required some "spring-like tension". And I'm not talking about the seasons. 🙂 Good luck.
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