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  1. Will the Shad pannier rack for the Crosstourer fit the 8th Gen? Specifically the Crosstourer 1200X (12-21) 3P System Mount H0CR12IF? I really need to get some hard bags and since the 8th Gen bags are unicorns and the Givi options are all out of stock, I am thinking about purchasing these. Just need to know if they will fit.
  2. So, my search for some white saddlebags for my 2014 has been pretty much fruitless. I did come across some white saddlebags for an NC-700X that look similar. Anyone know if those will fit an 8th Gen? I tried searching but it does not look like anyone has asked. I am pretty certain that they do not but, just in case...🤷‍♂️
  3. I know that the 8th Gen bags are unicorns and impossible to find, but if anyone is selling their pearl white ones, I am interested in buying.
  4. I have actually had large bugs fly into the gap and hit me in the neck while riding. Almost fell of the bike once, thought I had been shot LOL. The Bug Buster put a stop to that. Plus it looks cool.
  5. One of the best mods I ever did to my '02 was to put a Bugbuster on it. Why am I not seeing them on more 6th Gen bikes? If you have one, post it up.
  6. If I could find my 2002, I would so buy it back.
  7. I went so far as to buy some Pazzo levers and have them laser engraved...
  8. So, after 15 years of not riding, I have finally got myself back on two wheels. My wife surprised me in February with a white 2014 VFR for Valentine's day. I love it but I do still miss "Simone", my 2002 VFR that I sold back in 2007. I have since named the new bike, "Marilyn". Here are pictures of Marilyn and Simone. Why did I say, "New member...but not new member", well I was a member of VFRD back when I owned Simone. I recognize some of the names that were around when I was last a member and it is good to see that they are still here.
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