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  1. On my list of "Mods" for the second bike are: Race Tech upgraded fork springs Race Tech gold valve cartridge emulators Superbrace fork brace Fox rear shock/spring (with remote reservoir) RKA soft saddlebags (requires rear blinker relocation???) RKA soft tail bag Florescent red/orange windscreen Florescent red/orange powder coated wheels (in work) Shortened rear fender Lockhart upper and lower front bra (ugly???) Scott
  2. I first started riding at 15yo and my motorcycles have included a Honda S80, Honda CB125S, and a Kawasaki H1 triple. I also rode my brother's CB400F and CB1100F. When I first saw the '87 VFR's at the dealer, I didn't feel anything was comparable from a beauty and tech standpoint and was hooked. Bought my first VFR700 in '89 as a repo with 1200 miles from Long Beach Honda for $3000 out the door and it became my main transportation. Unfortunately, I was working on it and had it inside an airplane hangar that caught on fire and it took a number of years to replace all the melted fairings. Luckily, the bones were still good. While restoring that one, I bought my second '87 VFR from a co-worker that had two (his other was candy blue). I finished the restoration of the first and mostly rode the second, but I've taken an unintentional hiatus for almost 10 years (mostly due to raising a family and E10 gas messing up the carbs on both bikes). Recently, I got a bug up my a$$ and decided to get them running again and back on the road to enjoy. After some trials and tribulations they are now running. My original is fully stock and still very clean. The second is a work in progress . . . looks a little rough due to muffler corrosion and I want to update with more mods. Scott Picture of both bikes (about 10 years ago): Original '87 VFR700 (current picture): Second '87 VFR700 (current picture):
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