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  1. motormike

    I Am Back !

    Me, too. I have no idea when I logged on last. Prolly been three years at least.
  2. Mot sure if i can go due to the dates. Maybe we should all rent Harleys. Whomever is on logo design for Summer Summit 4, there are four M's in the title, which could symbolize mountain peaks. \m/ \m/
  3. I've only attended SumSum3. Colorado is my vote even though it's farther.
  4. motormike


  5. Nice view Rogue but the camera is pointed in the wrong direction. :-)
  6. This is very tempting but I'm not sure of my vacation schedule yet.
  7. Yes, that's the color of the 2007 model. However, the Color Rite website states that a particular base coat is need to achieve the metallic finish. Both the base coat and Candy Glory Red are $90 each for just a half pint of paint. That's $180 for a half pint of paint. I'm looking to repaint one lower fairing. I think replacement makes more sense than repainting.
  8. I just received my Transit Suit.

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    2. PairOfAces


      You need a Kevlar Flak Jacket to ride in your neighborhood eh?

    3. motormike


      Come on up and see for youself.

    4. PairOfAces


      Too Dangerous :)

  9. Is your meter waterproof brother ? Yessireebob! I think it is. Check Wire My Bike for details as that's where I got it.
  10. I have a Datel meter, but it's not installed because I'm clueless.
  11. Emily was very nice...and she rides!
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