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  1. I started combining bike tours and hiking about 15 years ago. That shot of the Wasatch range was taken after 2,500 feet of elevation gain--a lot of switchbacks were ... back switched by that point. I haven't found a way (or a camera) to adequately capture steep grades in photos. But to your point: 180 degrees from where that photo was taken was this: The summit of Mt. Timpanogos. We didn't go all the way to the top. We were already three hours in and though we started early, the temps were getting high and water was low. On the way down, we started to catch up to
  2. I got home Sunday afternoon after spending a couple of days in Denver, then riding to Park City, UT, spending four days hiking there and taking three to ride the 1,000 miles from Utah home. No issues with the bike, total mileage for the tour was 3,525 miles/5,673 kms. First, thanks to Tony (Didit) for organizing another great SumSum. It's always nice to see familiar faces and meet some new folks too. The rides were great, and this was the most educational VFRD event I've attended. I learned a lot watching Lee and Kevin's stator-ectomies as well as Ernest's chain resection. My bike is
  3. Ditto. And there is always the 34468Randy solution: The toolkit, spare tire, forgotten jacket, etc. in the form of a thin, wallet-sized plastic rectangle with your name and a bunch of numbers embossed on the front. 😉
  4. My tires are good for the ride down and the day rides, but might be a little sketchy by the time I get home depending on how far I go in Colorado, Utah and Idaho. I checked Rice's site, and their prices are comparable to FortNine and Rider's Domain with the 35 percent discount. Any idea what they charge for balancing and installation? Does the 35 percent discount apply to labour too? 🤔
  5. I'm finally off the fence--just booked at the Chief and registered. It's usually not clear to me how the summer will unfold until it gets closer. But then again, I have managed to make the last two SumSums (didn't have a VFR for the first one), so it would be a shame to break the streak. I'll most likely be tacking a week of vacation on to the end of the meet (as I have the last couple of times ...), so as before I'll have to slab it most of the way there. Intercepting the group headed south from Canada and the Pacific Northwest might still be possible for the last day or two. Now to get
  6. You could try adapting something like this to your 5th gen: Or maybe try to blend in: Here's hoping you make it safe and sound whichever method you choose!
  7. Voted for Custer. Colorado is great, but I've been there twice now for SumSum2 and 3. I was through South Dakota on a bike in 2004: Custer, Rapid City, Sturgis, Deadwood, Spearfish--lots of nice roads. Just need to avoid the pirate festival ...
  8. Hi Belfry, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  9. Belfry

    Milky Way

    Bike looks familiar--galaxy too, think I've been there. Nice shot. HDR? Long exposure?
  10. Belfry


    Beautiful. I love those wide open spaces ... mist on the water. The road surface looks quite rough. Good grip, I imagine, but hard on tires.
  11. Are there certain hiring criteria for female servers at Twin Peaks?
  12. Hi PB, That shot of the M is zoomed quite a bit so it suffers from (or enjoys, depending on your point of view) lens compression, making it appear much closer. It's also hard to capture grade on roads and mountains in photos and video. Suffice it to say it was bloody steep, with stairs at each turn in the switchback--like doing a stairmaster on the higher settings for 20-30 minutes. We carried on to the top of Mount Sentinel. The middle third wasn't too bad, but the top was stairmaster time again. I wasn't drinking before the hike, but I definitely needed to replenish my vital bodily f
  13. Got home Sunday afternoon, incident free, with 2,708 km/1,638 miles on the trip clock. Thanks to Mike for another great Kootenay meet! It was fun meeting up with Randy and Al for the ride up to Nelson (despite the rain), and riding with Arman, Al, Kevin and Mark (in Reno) around the lake on Saturday. I carried on from the Hootenanny down to Missoula, MT on Sunday where I spent six days off the bike hiking and touring the area. Interesting continent we live on: Temps in B.C. with our July-uary weather were in the 60-70 F range, a few hundred miles to the southeast, mid-80s to 100 F (last Fri
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