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  1. I'm here / I'm not here.
    Just popped in to say "Hi!" (Hi, everyone!), so that anyone who gives a damn knows I haven't carked it yet.
    Since I sold the VFR and absconded from here, not much has happened; I've worked a total of less than two weeks, earned a whopping $800 or so, sold most of my bike gear, and been fired from my most recent job. A first! And by text too! Another first! Yay!
    Oh how I laughed. Or would have, if my SpousalUnit wasn't so pissed off. :(

    So, back to housework, and getting our house ready to sell so we can downgrade.
    There are positives (apart from the 'firsts'); I don't have to commute, I'm getting really good at cooking'n'cleaning, and I get to spend a lot of time having meaningful conversations meaningless games with the dogs.
    I need a job. And another bike...


    OK - carry on. As you were. Back to enjoying being the Vifferisti Elite, you lucky LUCKY people. :/


    1. Dutchy


      If it is any consolation, I am also "in between jobs", no longer own a VFR, but already was a great cook. :-)


      No Ordinary Man - Christy Moore, but Feelin' Good - Joe Bonamassa





  2. Nice stories, Leon. I'd almost forgotten I used to have a VF500 (1985). My mufflers rusted out too, so I had some custom stainless steel ones made; the only stipulation I had was "to make them a little louder". They sounded great - loud enough to emphasise it was a V4, without being obnoxious or attracting the wrong sort of attention. My VF had problems with the inside of the tank rusting; even though I cleaned and treated it (with 'Kreem", IIRC), it had one annoying pinhol leak that never went away. Should have had it brazed, I guess.
  3. enzed_viffer


    Fantastic photo!
  4. I love my VFR, but it's not perfect. In addition to the initial specs, the 'dream' VFR would need to have a lighter swingarm than the current / previous models, and a less ugly hub. If possible, a conventional radiator, rather than the pannier ones. Although, y'know, having said that, both the VF500 and VFR750 were hot to ride, so maybe (apart from being simpler), it's not a big deal. Other than that, I don't care.
  5. Is a TPMS really necessary? I've got one on my car (came with it), but on my bike I can feel a 1 or 2 PSI drop in pressure pretty readily. Over 42-odd (and sometimes VERY odd) years of motorcycling, I've had only 4 punctures, all in the back tyre, and 3 of them in newish tyres. Luckily (?) they were all screws or nails, and plugged OK, so I still got the full life from the tyres. Had none for years (ever since I stopped riding in places I shouldn't, like the edges or middle of roads, where all the crap gets swished by traffic.
  6. Iffen I was you (which I'm not - I'm a separate species), I'd remove that piece of duct tape so you don't get a ticket [insert eye-rolling emoticon here]
  7. I sorted out my own; modified the one that attached to the chain guard, and made an aluminium bracket for the front of the hugger. Nowhere to attach that, so I drilled and tapped a hole in the swingarm :o and put a bolt in. Of course, because this mod was unsanctioned/unapproved by Honda or VFRD, the first time I rode it, I crasheded, dieded, and immolation of the self-incendiary variety occurred. Luckily, I'm getting used to that, so my asbestos g-string stopped my nuts from being overcooked.
  8. What browser are you using? I was having the same problem, so I did a quick check; Firefox works fine, Internet Exploder doesn't do quotes etc. May be a settings thing?
  9. enzed_viffer

    Plug thingo

    Service plug
  10. I can't be bothered going back to the post where this is discussed, but instead of bastardising a K&N to get more airfilter area and better airflow, the airfilter with the greatest area and therefore the least restriction is the Pipercross.
  11. enzed_viffer

    y2k SOLD 001

    Nice bike! But tooooo many stickers/decals....
  12. Whelp, for many months now, I've been running a 95/85 thermoswitch (on at 95 degrees Centigrade, off at 85), instead of the standard 106/96 one. It works well. And for a longer period of time, I've run a manual override switch (only on by shorting to ground, rather than one that can also disable the fan). The latter works well, but is rendered almost redundant by the lower temperature thermoswitch. If it wasn't that most of my riding was commuting in traffic, I wouldn't bother with any mods.
  13. enzed_viffer


    This looks not unfamiliar, Leon. I have a pic of my wife in the middle of a tulip field near Alkmaar. We actually has to ask her tante to find one for us, because even though we could see them out the windows of the plane flying into Schiphol, we didn't see any when we were driving around.
  14. enzed_viffer

    IMG 2011

    That is one of the nicest-looking VFR streetfighters I've seen! Love the blue frame and wheels. Overall, a very tasty bike. Well done, Sir!
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