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  1. Not to hijack the thread but I read on the other VFR bike porn site that RVFR took a nasty fall of a ladder. Best wishes for a speedy recovery sir!
  2. Could this be AM from that other website whose name will not be mentioned? She takes some epic road trips which are well worth the trouble to go read... And since I have never seen her post on VFRD, a big WELCOME!
  3. And I can only comment on the KD pegs on a 6th gen. Love them. Direct replacement of stock and you're riding.
  4. Nice rack! Is that you Mr. Know-It-All? Hopefully, you are a Rocky and Bullwinkle fan and appreciate the reference...
  5. Hi LangoPTC, Thank you for your donation of $25.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  6. LangoPTC

    The Road

    Wow! Never would have thought I would like a black bike with fluorescent wheels but this looks amazing.
  7. LangoPTC


    I've heard that bike is outstanding in its field...
  8. Congrats on the new addition! Absolutely beautiful. How about a few more pics?
  9. What I would really like to do (I think) is powdercoat the front wheel white and the back wheel blue...if money were no object that is.
  10. Hi LongoPTC. You must be in my neighborhood. Holla sometime when the viffer call sounds.


    Wrestler (ED)

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