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  1. Nate87

    Just bought

    Thankyou. It took me a few min. But 20 miles and what felt like a million red lights later I felt it. the guy I bought it from said it had sat for about a year. But is really not sure. decent looking bike rides ok. Few things I did not like but that’s with anything old new. Cosmetic mostly
  2. Nate87

    Just bought

    Thankyou for your help. I am looking forward to the bike last one I had was 10 yrs ago and I had a 96 cbr. So it’s like learning all over again not to much wrong with this vfr fairings and normal lay over issues. Any suggestions on things I need to do or check before I put on street and also what’s the best gas to use?
  3. Nate87

    Just bought

    I just bought a 96 vfr and am trying to buy replacement parts and everything I keep looking for I can’t find. Is there a site that is more bike specific. Cause I like everyone does not want to buy something that don’t fit
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