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  1. Thankyou that’s a big help
  2. Can anyone tell me where the hell I can actually get the slave cylinder cause most sites r jerks and won’t actually tell me if it fits or not. partzilla to be one
  3. Ok so I took and had my clutch master cylinder and lever switched out. Due to no clutch pressure air being in the line. well that night I notice the fluids a lil low. Two days later I go to ride look and notice my resivor is low almost dry. So now like I’m at a loss of where to look any ideas or help would be appreciated.
  4. Thankyou for the help given. To answer the first question it worked when I got the bike and a little after it stopped working around the time I stared trying to push start and pop the clutch 🥺😢. It’s a fourth gen and so much fun I just getting started getting the kinks out and really learning as I go
  5. Ok I’m looking for a little help. I have a fourth gen. My battery was dead I tried cold starting it w push starting. finally gave up bought a batt. And found out I have no clutch pressure. I tried bleeding and adding fluid. still no clutch. so obviously I’m doing something wrong. I am not sure is there air in my line still cable or clutch it’s self. I noticed the brake space cylinder has been changed but not the clutch cylinder. any advice and guidance? I have done clutches on a car but nvr hydraulic so I honestly don’t know where to start or go.
  6. I have a 4th gen 750 and have been wanting to convert it to fuel injected but am having trouble finding kits any one got a idea or any feed back about this idea
  7. Thankyou and I may need part numbers. I’ll let u know. Over all I’m pretty sure all the fairings need to be taken off and repaired and fixed I don’t think any of them are screwed down o
  8. Thankyou for ur help. is there any other model that is close enough in size to accommodate?
  9. So I bought this 96 Vfr 750 runs fair. Well guess I should have looked at the fairings a lil better the guy had them on w zip ties and yea I need a whole new kit. Was going to just fiberglass repair the cracks until going down the road at about 70 mph I lost the whole left side. So question is. anyone know a place I can buy a unpainted fairing kit from. I keep looking and all I find is piece meal. And all painted.
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