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  1. Hi vfr800_red, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. Yes, will get Ox-Gard and I'm all set. Thanks!
  3. Hi Grum, It is the same fuse in Bren’s picture. However, my fuse was 20A, and it looks like Bren’s was also 20A. If that is main fuse B, according to the wiring diagram, it should be 30A. Should my replacement fuse be 30A? Thankfully, there is no corrosion at the connector and all other fuse connector are clean. But there is some gunk at the stater relay connectors so I will clean those up. And I’ll take a closer look at other nearby wiring. I’d never replaced that fuse, and I’ve had the bike for 19 years. It was probably original, and I like the explanation that fuses don’t last forever. For that reason, I will be replacing all the fuses.
  4. Hi All, My 5th gen recently died when I was slowly pulling away from a stop in first gear, slowly letting out the clutch. The starter motor turned over fine, but it would not restart. I soon realized the fuel pumps were not energizing when they key was turned to ignition. The fuel pump fuse was fine. I followed the procedure in 5-58 of the factory service manual, discovered the fuel pump was not getting battery voltage, and traced it to a blown sub fuse. I replaced the sub fuse and everything is fixed, the bike starts and runs great and has had numerous restarts. However, I know that blown fuses are often a symptom of a more serious electrical problem. Any thoughts why the sub fuse would suddenly blow? I’ve never had this problem before. I noticed I didn’t have headlights when the sub fuse was blown, that is, it “shares” a circuit with the fuel pump. Thanks.
  5. Don't have a sticky starter button, but I get it, don't need a picture, and I like it, clever. I will say a few more starts seemed better. But this has but on a brief hold as I've identified an oil leak and am now waiting on parts. Should send an update later in the week.
  6. Hi, My 5th gen is having difficulty starting. I’m very confident the battery and charging system are fine. The battery is newish, and holding a charge, and charging system is delivering 14 V at 5000 rpm. Once the bike starts it runs fine. I suspect the starter motor is at fault. It is the original and has never been serviced –> the original brushes. Not only is the bike 24 years of age it has >85k miles. And I’m noticing more starter gear whine, I hear some whine even after the engine has started. Hoping I can get some thoughts and feedback before I start taking things apart. Thanks.
  7. Yes, that looks like it will do it, but it's pricey. Thanks.
  8. Hi All, I’m looking for a rear wheel stand recommendation for my 5th gen. I’ve had difficulty finding one on the web. Or if someone is interested in selling one.
  9. I will chalk this up to a “what was I thinking” moment. I found that the connection to the throttle body is on the left, not underneath the airbox, and is easily accessible once the tank is lifted. For some reason I was convinced it was underneath the airbox. Problem solved.
  10. Hi All, Looking for assistance on at 5th gen throttle tube removal. The factory service manual is not at all helpful, all it states “is slide tube off the handlebar”. But that won’t work because there is a pin in the control housing which engages a hole, see picture, and there isn’t enough slack in the cables to disengage them. I did this once many years ago, and I’m pretty sure that I disconnected the throttle cable from the throttle body, then disengaging the cables from the tube is easy. However, this requires removal of the airbox, which is tedious. Wondering if anyone knows of any shortcuts. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi All, I’ve seen torque and horsepower curves for the 5th gen which show peak torque as 79 Nm and peak horsepower as 105. Can someone confirm this? Is this at the crank or the rear wheel?
  12. Hi vfr800_red, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
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