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  1. Nice story. Amazing that a con rod could be snapped like that. Thanks for sharing
  2. While that appears to be a '93 in the US market, I believe that '92 / '93 models got the wing logo on the tank vs. the Honda script lettering on '90 and '91 3rd gens. It might lead me to conclude that was a re-spray - but regardless a very nice example I'd love to have in my garage, particularly with the almost extinct uncut rear fender. Honda saw to the smallest of details, including the fairing for the side stand - just a beautiful overall design.
  3. That shows the lengths that Honda went to in the '90's to design their bikes. Of all the engines out there that need that kind of vibration damping, I wouldn't think a 3rd gen would be one of them. Things like that truly set Honda apart.
  4. This (below). The wax unit end opposite the thermostat is circled in red as is the hose and the label. The water neck (10 in the diagram) bolts to the side of the block. The small outlet (circled) supplies the coolant to the wax unit. Where it says "throttle body", it means the wax unit. The nipple on (10) for the wax unit is not present on the water neck for '98/'99 models (and is NLA). Part 10 is interchangeable with 6th gen models and presumably 8th gens as well (though I've never verified the latter). Sometimes the parts fiche is a better guide than the FSM.
  5. Air-tech https://www.airtech-streamlining.com/honda-fairings-seats-fenders-parts/VFR7501994-97.htm If you have one that needs repair, Plastifix has lots of videos of how to use the product. If you're in the UK, they unfortunately cannot ship to you from the U.S. 😞 However you might inquire with them to ask about a UK equivalent manufacturer. https://www.polyvance.com/PlastiFix-Kits-1/2503/
  6. Don't know about any other 5G's, on mine it's right in front of the battery under the rubber flap that protrudes out from under the tank. Has a white label on the cover.
  7. Awesome. When you caught up with me and we rode over Lolo pass, I was then running their stator work. No reason it should not work out as well for you.
  8. If you get the owner on the phone - can't recall his name now, Gary? - he has multiple sclerosis. It makes him sound like he's drunk, but he's not. Good guy. He has others working there. They do good work.
  9. Not Rick's specifically. I sent my G6 stator to Custom Rewind in Birmingham, AL. Fine work - cost me $105 plus shipping. Very happy with it. The good thing about them is they will give you any length lead you want or any connector if you want to change R/R or its location.
  10. You do plan to drain the oil in that case? If not there will be a lake of it on the floor. Note the sight glass and the oil level. Terry mentions having the bike on the side stand. It can be done that way without an oil drain and not lose much, just have something to catch or absorb a bit.
  11. My $.02 would be to flex then a bit and observe for any cracking. They're pretty tough and not all that flexible, but any cracks would indicate that they could possibly leak air and cause issues. Heat cycles and age would contribute to cracking but you have low usage on your side. My guess is that being such low km they're likely fine.
  12. I was so disappointed in the Dunlops that I took them off after about 2,000 miles. The Dunlops that came new on my 4runner were also junk.
  13. The FSM procedure likely assumes that the cover is being removed to service something else vs being itself replaced. Disconnecting the connector allows the grommet and likely gasket to remain undisturbed. Since you're replacing it anyway, there's nothing to lose by going with Grum's suggestion. You may need a 2nd set of hands to hold the cover once it comes loose so that you can do surgery inside to remove the sensor. Don't forget about the 2 dowels that locate the cover - Honda just loves those things.
  14. I think you mean "stake" vs "sake". Its intent is to positively keep a retaining nut in place. Typically a staked nut is used in an application where the consequences of a nut backing off is high or critical - sprocket, drive shaft, etc. In the internet photo the blue are inspection ("witness") marks, but also illustrate how the shoulder of the nut is bent in to the recess on the driving shaft, usually with a drift, punch or maybe a chisel. You'll always need a new nut when doing this. If you look at the one you're working with, you'll probably note it looks similar to this. If you have
  15. ^^^ This Plus, with a quality battery you have a lot more confidence that when you push the button with the right thumb that it's going to start. To me that's worth way the hell more than $50 when I'm literally in the middle of nowhere and there's probably no place within 50 to 100 miles to even obtain a powersports battery.
  16. I don't know about PayPal, but Ebay's " buyer protection" was an absolute joke the one time I engaged it - worthless. I would give it a negative rating if I could.
  17. Go to the downloads section here and grab the (free)factory service manual for it. It has a step by step diagnostic section for a no-start condition. It can be an error to draw a conclusion that the washing caused or contributed to the problem. If you don't have a multi meter, grab one - they're not that expensive and are a must have for any tool box. Post up as you go through the steps, you'll get plenty of knowledgeable help here to walk you through it.
  18. As I mentioned previously, get out and ride it as much as you can while can because it won't be long and you won't. The future has no soul, no character, only government mandates.
  19. I had a Motopumps electric pump. On its second use it grenaded in to about six pieces and scratched my rear wheel. On to another brand. It's a fine balance between compact size and sufficient quality so it works when you need it.
  20. I finally got some nickel anti-seize for my exhaust components. It's expensive, but is said to be good up to 2,400 F so should easily handle it. https://www.amazon.com/Permatex-77124-Nickel-Anti-Seize-Lubricant/dp/B0002UENJ2
  21. They are sexy - IMHO the best mirrors ever put on two wheels.
  22. Grum, I'm like you - I use my rear brake a lot, so my rear pads wear out more or less at the same time as the fronts.
  23. Maybe riders such as that guy will have a new category in the Darwin Awards - "killed themselves in the most stupid way possible . . . "
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