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  1. To me that term might imply things such as lane splitting at high speeds on freeways - or any 4 lanes for that matter, racing on suburban streets, doing wheelies through neighborhoods - things where there are a lot of people around and the activity is raising the risk level all out of proportion. Isn't that what might have been termed a hooligan? Out on deserted backroads where there isn't much besides deer and jackrabbits it's tougher to make the case as for the most part the risk is mostly rising only for the rider. As for being goaded in to a street race, each person has control of their
  2. And all for nothing except to make the greedy billionaires even more billions.
  3. Sad, but true. Get out and ride 'em while you can . . .
  4. I also have Remus cans (though stainless, not carbon) on my '08. They have removable spuds. I've seen a number of other sets on other bikes, but none of them had the removal feature. Not sure why. If that's an important consideration, may want to look closely or inquire prior to purchasing.
  5. I should have added . . . once that artwork's duty is done, I would be sure to archive and hang on to it. Those types of things can easily be misplaced. Once your riding days are done, it will be one of those things that you'll pull out, maybe frame and put up on the wall and fondly remember not only your daughter as a child, but the trip. (btw - I particularly like the "beep beep" for the horn . . . )!
  6. This is sounding like the old joke - "you store it at the dealer service department and pick it up once in a while to go for a ride."
  7. Did you mean "pleasure washer" . . . ? "Let's see - you mean you want to use that 2,000 psi thingy to blast my bike clean??? Yeah fine, whatever . . . "
  8. This post has all the hallmarks of a good read - things that today are sorely missing not only in the US, but around the world - things such as family, respect for parents, compassion for those less fortunate, random acts of kindness, recapturing one's youth, adventure, connection with kindred spirits, appreciation for gifts given and what we have, moments of humor . . . I could go on. And, on top all that, the spelling, grammar and punctuation are all flawless! How often do we see that these days? Well done - lovely photos and a good evening read. Thank you for posting. Shiny
  9. I've heard people talk about Tyre, but have never used it. I'm not sure what type of device it's compatible with. At least it was developed by a motorcyclist so that may add some merit. The link also mentions "MyRoute" but I have no experience with that, either and also am unsure how current the info in the link is. YMMV https://www.myrouteapp.com/en/tyre
  10. I wonder if that hugger would fit a 6th gen . . . Any detail on your suspension upgrades? She's a nice looking machine.
  11. That bike gets parked in some interesting places . . . living room, "strictly" no parking spaces (love the disc lock for effect) . . . ! Looks great. I had thought the swingarm was more 8th gen related vs 6th gen, but the 4 bolt pattern says 6. Seems like those bars could make a nice conversion to one of its cousins.
  12. Here's one (not mine) in Ridgefield, WA with 22 miles on it . . . https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/mcy/d/ridgefield-2014-vfr800/7299044223.html
  13. Sorry for your mis-fortune. Once she's pretty again, please post up some photos - always great to see a Gen 3 brought back to life. You can download the factory manual for free in the downloads section, link below. I don't now if it has any more detail on the plastic fitment than he Haynes book does, but it is a good reference to have. https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/files/file/2-vfr-750-service-manual/
  14. I got a RB Racing to go with my VFRD headers. The RB Racing module I got came with a pre-loaded map for the VTEC. As is, it plugs in to the 2 stock O2 sensors and self tunes to your setup - headers, cans, air filter, engine condition, etc. For now, I just plugged the one 18mm O2 port. I picked a couple of MPGs - no telling if it would do that for you. The engine runs flawlessly, I love it. If you want to use a wideband O2 sensor, you'll need the My Tuning Bike. I haven't done that but it's on my list. IMHO RB is way better than a P.C. As for the software, that . . . has
  15. Be sure to get good fluid through the SMC, that can cause problems if neglected. There is a bleeding guide in the forums. That is s really clean machine - looks good.
  16. It would be intetesting for an 8th owner with the VFRD headers (no cat and a larger diameter) to weigh in on their impression of how the exhaust sound changed.
  17. Nice to have a Crossrunner own in the mix - glad you joined. You can only be "in the fold" once you have posted a pic of your ride - we are a skeptical bunch. Many of us have never seen one of those in the flesh, so pics are even more valued!
  18. Watch this video and then tell us you'll regret it . . . I doubt you will. BTW, I don't know if that is someone on here - but I recognize where it was shot. Some of the freeway bits were on Interstate 5 northbound through the Olympia, Washington area - one of the exits is #104 to Hwy 101 to Shelton.
  19. What was the intent / goal of fitting an O2 eliminator?
  20. Sounds like the upcoming merger of Fedex and UPS - the new company to be called Fedup . . . BTW - not a FB fan here, either. If an account on-line is "free" (FB, email, etc), remember - YOU are the product.
  21. The best I recall getting on my G6 has been in the low 40's and that was after installing the Rapid Bike. If the 56mpg is closer to the low 50's on E10, that's still in the range of a 20 to 25% (or more) improvement over the G6. Looking at the parts, between G6 and G8, the injectors, exhaust cams and valves appear to have the same part numbers, while intake cams, pistons and head differ. It would sure be interesting to know what Honda did to wring that out of it. If anyone has a line on that, it would be great to get that intel.
  22. I have a mileage log book and keep track of it there. I rarely need to change oil twice per year so it's not a big deal. Brake fluid is every other year and tires, chain, brakes and coolant as needed. I don't worry about receipts as I plan to ride it until it's worn out so I won't be trying to convince a buyer. My records aren't as good as many I'm sure, but she gets plenty of love.
  23. If you shine a light down the fill neck it should easier to see the level. If it's opaque due to the coolant contaminating the tank's plastic, maybe it's due for a flush and refill.
  24. Since we have this thread, and it does say "random", I'm going to toss in some really random pics. Having recently gone through various boxes around the house, I came across photos of the first roll of film I ever shot when I was just a wee lad. It introduced me to two things that I enjoy to this day - photography and motorcycles. My father had a nice German camera - wish I knew what happened to it. I had been asking him to teach me to use it. Having seen announcements about a local motocross event, I begged and begged and begged for him to let me try photography there until he finally r
  25. Great ideas. Having that bolt doing its job is important - the clutch puts a lot of pressure on that cover. Leaving one bolt out will work for a time - over time the a-symmetric force on the cover will result in it flexing ever so slightly each time the clutch is cycled. Long term the cover can fatigue and possibly crack or break. If it fails sufficiently, the clutch will be in-op. If it were mine, that would happen when I'm some multiple day's ride from home . . . my $.02. YMMV.
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