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  1. ~39,000 miles (still using it). I'm the 3rd owner. I'm in NJ and can reasonably help with delivery. $1,900 Obro Pretty nice mostly original bike, with some great upgrades. The paint is in VG condition and the decals are bright. I really like riding the bike a lot, but I have another one The bad news first: 1) it's been making a loudish tricking noise from one of the heads for about 3,000 miles. It looks like the hardening/finish has come off the #1 exhaust cam lobe. Still runs fine- just need to turn the music up louder lol. 2) The other thing is that the left fork seal has started leaking and will need replacing. Bummer is that they were replaced 2 years ago when the forks were powdercoated. The pricing reflects that. Lots of good news - Hagon shock, - reasonably newly rebuilt and powdercoated front forks, brake calipers, master cylinders, handlebars and levers - SS brake and clutch lines - V4 Spark Boxes http://www.v4spark.com/ - newish (June 2019) EK Black chain and JT sprockets - Case Savers - Oxford heated grips - throttle lock - LED headlight - Power outlet in the cockpit - headlight on-off switch - manual fan switch - fuel pump relay bypass switch - voltmeter - 2 RAM mounts, a single and a double - VRR and battery replaced last year - valve check/adjust and radiator flush/refill done late summer last year. The bike has a couple of cosmetic issues- the PO stored the bike in a way that resulted in a couple of gas tank and fairing dings. Not too obvious, but worth pointing out ahead of time. One other thing is that at some point in time, the starter button failed, so the PO (a helicopter mechanic) installed a push button & relay in the cover that's over the fuses. This is where I added the headlight and fan switches. It's a very nice bike that's been stone reliable for the almost 10,000 miles I've had it. The only failure I've had was a VRR (duh, its a Honda V4 ) and I replaced it with a Rick's unit. The bike now shows 14.1 V at idle with lights and heated grips on, and 13.9V with those on and a Gerbings liner and gloves plugged in & on. Lot of value here for the money: especially if you can do the repairs. More pics on request Alternatively. I mentioned I have another one. That's a 15,000 mile 1 owner bike that I've been slowly getting back on the road. It's essentially a duplicate setup to this one: with the major difference being a a brand new WP shock and (planned) cartridge emulators in the forks. All bodywork has been freshly painted and I have a new decal set. Needs maybe a day or two to complete (basically forks and assembly of the front brakes. Will also need tires. I would be fine selling that one and fixing/keeping the one with the cam/lifter problem. I'd want $3,000 for that one as it sits. 10/19/2019 update 1) the CB900F is sold 2) a 990 Superduke has been bought so don't need a trade 🙂 11/1/2019 update 1) mileage and prices for both bikes updated Don't be askeered-- it's a good bike at a good price (which I just lowered to $1,900 obro). Or $2,800 for the other one. Walter 732-233-80 seven eight
  2. Yeah, and then being out of town on March 14th LOL
  3. Can't figure out why it's doing that. Maybe a redo Merkel Replica
  4. https://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/honda/db-customs-flyin-fred-honda-vfr750-replica-is-done-and-delivered.html And someone's gonna be like Wayne soon What’s next? A Wayne Rainey replica, says DB. WR took over the VFR’s winning ways in 1987. Ace Honda factory mechanic Mike Velasco is building the V-four as we speak. Walter
  5. BTW, I'd say that Honda Product Placement Dept. got schooled by Kawasaki- since it would have been a much more fitting choice as Cruise's bike. Not only the Interceptor connection, but the paint job would have fit right in with the jingoistic theme of the movie. Maybe Honda objected to having it ride strapped down on a truck for the big scene?
  6. I might be mistaken, but it's a Mitsubishi item. Try bringing it to a dealer to match. BTW-- these pumps sometimes have notoriously short points life in KTM 950s (damhik lol) and folks in the Orange community usually replace the points with a Mosfet kit from a fellow in Greece called Dr. Bean. Something to keep in mind if the points go bad. Works great: I used them in my 950A, 950SM, and 950SE as well as some friends' bikes. You can also get replacement points from Amazon, but the Bean kit is only a few bucks more and it's essentially a permanent fix. Installation Instructions Dr, Bean Kit in action
  7. wpbarlow


    No company does r/w/b like Honda!
  8. wpbarlow

    VF1000R test

    Do you hve a write-up on the builds? Looks excellent! Walter
  9. wpbarlow


    Some pics of my RC30
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