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  1. I had to take off the top triple tree so every thing could go where it wanted to go, but nothing major.
  2. A little fiddly, but not hard. the right throttlemeister mount was too big to fit inside the bars. I attached it to a drill mounted in a vice and slowly ground away just enough for a friction fit. gonna need a slide hammer to get it out. total investment - under a hundred bones.
  3. Not that I can tell. The 6th gen after Vtec feels to me exactly like a 5th gen at all revs. Here are some comparison photos between stock clip on and superbike bars. Not as much difference as I suspected going in. You can also see that they are the length of a throttlemeister wider than stock.
  4. I am pretty sure the limiting factor with the bars moved closer to the front is fouling the fairing at lock. I look to have just enough room for levers. I also think these look wider than they are because they are buck nekkid. lines are sorted. cables are prolly OK. adapting the throttlemeisters to the bars will be the real challenge.
  5. stock: Armstrong Military bike bars: Superbike bars: Gonna go with these and see what it feels like. I am very interested in how the extra leverage will affect cornering.
  6. Hello chaps. Without going into too much detail, i recently rode a 2016 BMW R1200 GS 1800 miles from New York City to new Orleans. I fell in love with the bike as everyone told me I would, and I wanted to buy one. Then, on the flight home, I remembered how ugly it was, how expensive it was and how complicated it was. I also realized that I had a perfectly good 6th gen in my garage that I had already decided to make it my long distance bike. So I started poking around and asking questions about LSL, etc. While I was looking, my hand was sorta forced as to what direction to go in, by me finding a set of mounting brackets for 75 bucks. I am not asking "what fits", or "do i have to change xyz", I am asking about preference. The bars depicted in where i am so far were just at hand, so I threw them on there. I have heard CB919 bars and the LSL low bars are groovy. I was hoping to find the superbike bars of my youth with the graceful curves, because I know that they put my hand where I like 'em, but all I seem to find are the Emgo types and those are OK, but i dont know.....If I can get this thing half as comfy as that BMW was, I will be putting a lot of miles on it this year. Please tell what you like and dont like, what worked and what was a problem. Sorry if this topic was done do death before.
  7. you did it right. I stayed retired for 8 days. from this to this
  8. these should be hitting my showroom in a month or two. If I get a test ride, I will report. (but they will be pricey) Harley Davidson LiveWire
  9. Man oh man, how I want a Pacific Coast for commuting. Ugly but in all honesty, prolly the best commuter of all time .....hell, I'm going on Craigslist to try an find one NOW
  10. Certain things in life: death, taxes, Honda and Seiko automatics.
  11. Seller will say to return them for full refund, knowing full well that you are not going to send 10 dollar bulbs to china. D.C.R.B. Dubious Chinese Rusty Bulbs.
  12. I mentioned children of VFRD members. Mathew aka "BRAAP", was tearing it up behind his pops. Too bad I stole the boy's VFR right from under his nose.
  13. Almost forgot to mention: Mrs. Carver took Mrs. thecop and the thecop family chimpanzees to the Tapoco lodge to meet us for lunch, halfway through our ride. Bonus!
  14. .......also, yes that is Kanadian Ken taking a "Mid Ride Nap". The MRN, if you will.
  15. So today we did this thing. With 9 VFRD members, 6 children of VFRD members, chickens and 2 grandchildren of VFRD members. There were bikes too. I will let the other donkeys fill inn the blanks, but Corner Carver is building a Vee Four empire down here and that is groovy, since I moved to the same town as he did. Riding, eating (thanks Kebrider), horseplay, ice cream, pool antics and even a bike sale. I have sorta neglected the 'ol death trap and I havent ridden aggressive mountain roads in almost 3 years, so it was great to get out there on my new 6th gen. I had actually forgotten how much fun these sort of things are, and since my house is literally 20 minutes from deals gap, I should be way more active going forward. I also missed the fellowship that the VFRD community has. It is becoming one big screwed up family here. Join before we close the books. It was a day of firsts: My first ride on a 6th gen, my first time riding on top of a dam, the first time I rode a supercharged VFR, and the first time I almost hit a bear. (who was 9 feet tall if he was an inch) We've got it really good down here in east Tennessee, so get here when you can. Two bikes enter (the country), one bike leaves.
  16. I found a box under a box inside a box under two boxes with RC51 stuff in it. All yours when I get around to shipping it. (no u.s. branch of family visiting NL this year)
  17. 2 things: We dont get those groovy lamps in the corners: and I saw this the last time I was at Assen:
  18. I NEED THOSE LAZERS. At least one person with the surname "Steffes" will be in the Netherlands this year !!!
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