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  1. For those of you who missed the Fun in Franklin last weekend- 20210517_135104.mp4
  2. Had a great time! Thanks for letting me ride with y'all on Saturday.
  3. Booked my room. Can't break away until the end of the week. See y'all Friday!!!!
  4. The company claimed that it was only for the European VFR X model. Well, shit... it's the same damned frame! Sure 'nuf, it bolted right on. Slicker than snot and dead sexy! You can hear all 4 cylinders. Not to mention it's only 4lbs! 😁😎
  5. Blesk

    Dragon 1

    Nice pic! Definitely a keeper!
  6. Hi Blesk, Thank you for your donation of 50.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  7. GUILTY! Though I've pared down from 9 bikes. The stable got down to four after my Suzuki GSX-S750 got totaled. I locked it up on wet pavement. 😞 All I got was a broken little pinky and some gnarly bruises. lol Anyway, I just couldn't pass up a smokin' deal on another track bike last month, so I'm back to five. The new boy is a 2007 SV650. Ditched the handlebars for clipons and lots more mods yet to come..... Yea. It's an addiction! ROFL
  8. From the album: Farkles for sale

    The ones on the bottom on the blue bike are the ones like I have. They're new in the box and never mounted on the bike.
  9. Blesk

    6th gen Corbin Seat

    From the album: Farkles for sale

    Corbin seat for 6th gen.
  10. Blesk

    flaw on Corbin seat

    From the album: Farkles for sale

    The stitching at the front of the seat needs a little attention.
  11. Blesk

    Side bags on bike

    From the album: Farkles for sale

    The bags are Honda '06 white but the pearl has a hint of pink added. As you can see it's very subtle and almost not noticeable.
  12. Blesk

    Fairings for sale

    Right side fairing and front cowl
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