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  1. Hi guys! A quick update for you...in case you interested.. 🙂 Couple of days after my post a friend came along with a van to take the bike to a mechanic. Since I park the bike uphill he pushed it from behind and I was holding the handlebar. The bike would move only inches back and forth with the rear wheel blocked. I've thought its a good time to try the gear shift lever to move... and success. Using the clutch I did managed to put it into neutral. After that there was no problem to start the bike. So basically what happened is while the bike was parked probably slided back a little and caused somehow the gear jump from neutral. I know its bad english... sorry about it. 🙂 I cant feel anything wrong with the clutch, gears, gearbox while riding. Everything seem fine. I am not sure its worth to take the bike apart now but I will consider it. Thanks guys, Tom
  2. Hi guys! Thx for the reply. Sorry...I forgot to mention... the is 98' FI. "Does the transmission jump out of any gears on acceleration?" - never "What's the condition of your clutch hydraulic system? Have you tried cleaning / lubricating the linkage?" - never had a problem so...I think it is in a good condition. I didnt cleaning the linkage. Strange fault that is for sure. 🙂
  3. Hi guys! I would ask your opinion/help about the next... Strange thing happened with my bike. It seems my gear shift lever is jammed or something. Couple of days ago I couldnt start the bike...no neutral green light....gear shift lever not moving at all. It was defenitely in neutral when I parked down. It happened last summer once... after one week suddenly I was able to move the lever and put it into neutral and started the engine and used the bike for couple of months without any problem. I asked couple of mechanics about this...no one has a clue. What do you think guys? Has any of you ran into this kind of problem ever? Many thanks in advance, Tom
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