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  1. Ignition Pulse Gen Assy from a 1994 Honda VFR750. Honda P/N#: 30300-MZ7-003. Should fit 94-96 VFR750. In excellent condition. All wires and insulation are in very good condition Removed from a working engine with 28K on the odometer. $30 and buyer pays shipping.
  2. Chris, the ends of the lug nuts are hollow, not solid to the stud. Get yourself a small drill, about 1/8 dia, drill a small hole into the end of each lug nut, the material at the end of the nut is not very thick so you should be able to do this pretty easy, and squirt a generous amount of your best penetrating oil in to each one of the holes. Give the wheel a turn every few hours, squirt again and let soak for at least a day, two would be better. With the bike on the ground, have someone sit on it and apply the rear brake. You should be able to loosen the nuts then. Buy some new nuts after, put some anti-sieze on the lugs before you put the new nuts on and torque them to 85 ft lbs, or the metric equivalent. Cheers
  3. I installed a Rick's on mine more than 10 years ago and have not had any trouble with it all. Charging voltage goes to 14.4 at 2500rpm and stays there right up to 10,000rpm. I did change the stator at the same time and cleaned up every connection point in the charging system at the same time.
  4. I changed my stock fan to the VTR fan, flushed the system , filled with Engine Ice and changed the thermostat switch to one that comes on at 180F, stock was about 190? 10 or more years ago when I also installed the A&A Perf supercharger. Hard to say for sure what difference the VTR fan made since I changed so much on the bike at once but I can say it doesn't overheat. I do recommend changing the thermostat while you have things apart though. I had one that would get stuck partially open once in awhile. While going down the highway at 70-80mph on a 70 deg day the bike started overheating. The next day the bike was fine without any service. Changed the thermostat and never happened again. Lets face it, these beauties are getting older. Ducnut....great work there....your bike looks great!
  5. 2002-06 (6th gen) VFR 800 engine with VTEC with engine stand. Good engine to hone your VTEC valve adjusting skills on, getting experience removing the cams to lock the VTEC buckets, then put it all back together so you can take the required shim measurements without worry about messing up the engine on your bike. Engine comes with the stand and engine mount. Tilts and locks at 0 and 45 degrees for easy access. Engine stand is like new condition, rated to 1500lbs, can be adapted to hold other engines. $250 with engine stand. Buyers pays for shipping.
  6. Selling as a set. Front and Rear Cam Gears for 1994-96 Honda VFR 750. Honda part numbers: 14410-MT4-000 / 14420-MT4-000.Removed from a working engine with 28K on the odometer. Gears are in excellent condition. Turn very smooth and quiet. Have been stored in a sealed bag with a layer of clean oil over them.
  7. Clutch assy from 1994 Honda VFR750. Does not include the clutch metal or friction plates. Clutch was removed from a working engine with 28K on the odometer. Has been stored in a sealed bag covered with clean oil since removed. Turns very smoothly on the bearings. No notching on the clutch basket
  8. Ignition Pulse Gen Assy from a 1994 Honda VFR750. Honda P/N#: 30300-MZ7-003. Should fit 94-96 VFR750. In excellent condition. All wires and insulation are in very good condition Removed from a working engine with 28K on the odometer.
  9. I have VTEC engine in good shape, doesn't look like it was in a crashed bike, turns manually without any problems or noises. I bought this engine by mistake, I was looking for a regular VFR engine, forgot all about VTEC and bought this. $300 and it's all yours. You must pay for shipping costs.
  10. I just might make it this year...woo hoo! My sons wedding is on Sept 7, might still have family house guests from out of state sticking around.
  11. I purchased this engine in August not knowing it was a VTEC engine, thought it was a non VTEC...my mistake. Overall the engine looks in good condition, no cracks, scratches, or signs that the engine came from a bike accident. The engine turns easily when the spark plugs are removed so the pistons are not locked in place. The wires coming off the stator are in good condition, no signs of overheating or burns from poor connection. Some might want the engine for spare parts (stator, heads, clutch assy, and scrap the case. Or someone might want to replace a failed engine. You would be responsible for all shipping charges. Pick up would be much preferred.
  12. I have Front 14410-MT4-000, and Rear 14400-MT4-000 cam gear for the 5th gen engine for sale. $50 for both. I also have other engine parts for the 5th gen engine
  13. I have a 5th gen clutch assy, in very good condition, tabs are smooth, no notching. Assy does NOT include any of the metal or friction plates. I also have other engine parts for the 5th gen engine
  14. I'm with Jozef. I bought a No-Mar Pro Model 10 years ago. I've done almost 1000 tires since then. The equipment paid for itself the first year I had it. I was not happy with the service at my local Honda dealer. Bad attitude at the service desk, scratching my wheels, not doing a good job balancing them and charging too much. Take a look at how the wheels are balanced on the bikes in the showroom. The weights they use are all in 10 gram increments, meaning they round off at 10 grams, even on the brand new Ducati's. With 5 more minutes of work anyone with their own tire balancer can balance with a lot more accuracy than that.
  15. Nothing about #7 is special. You need a 19mm six point socket to loosen the lug nuts. The short lug wrench in the tool kit is there because it fits in the small tool kit. A little easier than packing a socket and long ratchet in case of a side of the road tire change.
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