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  1. I just might make it this year...woo hoo! My sons wedding is on Sept 7, might still have family house guests from out of state sticking around.
  2. I purchased this engine in August not knowing it was a VTEC engine, thought it was a non VTEC...my mistake. Overall the engine looks in good condition, no cracks, scratches, or signs that the engine came from a bike accident. The engine turns easily when the spark plugs are removed so the pistons are not locked in place. The wires coming off the stator are in good condition, no signs of overheating or burns from poor connection. Some might want the engine for spare parts (stator, heads, clutch assy, and scrap the case. Or someone might want to replace a failed engine. You would be responsible for all shipping charges. Pick up would be much preferred.
  3. I have Front 14410-MT4-000, and Rear 14400-MT4-000 cam gear for the 5th gen engine for sale. $50 for both. I also have other engine parts for the 5th gen engine
  4. I have a 5th gen clutch assy, in very good condition, tabs are smooth, no notching. Assy does NOT include any of the metal or friction plates. I also have other engine parts for the 5th gen engine
  5. I'm with Jozef. I bought a No-Mar Pro Model 10 years ago. I've done almost 1000 tires since then. The equipment paid for itself the first year I had it. I was not happy with the service at my local Honda dealer. Bad attitude at the service desk, scratching my wheels, not doing a good job balancing them and charging too much. Take a look at how the wheels are balanced on the bikes in the showroom. The weights they use are all in 10 gram increments, meaning they round off at 10 grams, even on the brand new Ducati's. With 5 more minutes of work anyone with their own tire balancer can balance with a lot more accuracy than that.
  6. Nothing about #7 is special. You need a 19mm six point socket to loosen the lug nuts. The short lug wrench in the tool kit is there because it fits in the small tool kit. A little easier than packing a socket and long ratchet in case of a side of the road tire change.
  7. Bubba...there's a good reason why the Chinese don't make airplanes or elevators. The same reasoning applies to why I wouldn't use a air filter from them on my VFR to save $30. I'd buy a lawn sprinkler, a pair of socks, maybe some beach toys from them but avoid anything using Chinese products on anything of high value to me.
  8. I've been mounting, balancing, and repaired many flats for 10 years now. Installed almost 1000 tires now. I've seen many tires that were repaired with the "sticky rope". When I asked the owner of the tire about the repair in the tire, many of them have said they picked up a nail while on a ride a few years ago and never had another problem with it so they left it in until the tread was worn down. The sticky rope works very good as long as it's fresh and has not been dried out. If you brought your tire to me to be fixed I'd remove the tire from the wheel and install the 2" diameter patch with the rubber stem pulled through the puncture. With a small puncture right in the middle of the tread I'd have no problem or reservations repairing this tire. I would advise you to watch the air pressure for a couple of weeks, daily checks to make sure the patch is doing it's job and the speed rating of the tire is no longer valid...take it easy on the tire, NO track days of course. Regarding the Stop N Go "mushroom plugs" that are inserted from the outside and expand to a mushroom head on the inside, they are no good. I've heard reports on other forums they come out.
  9. Ignition Pulse Gen Assy from a 1994 Honda VFR750. Honda P/N#: 30300-MZ7-003. Should fit 94-96 VFR750. In excellent condition. All wires and insulation are in very good condition Removed from a working engine with 28K on the odometer. $30
  10. Oil Pump Assy from 1994 Honda VFR750 will fit years 94-96. Removed from a running engine with 28K on the odometer. Includes all the tubing pictured and gears and pump drive chain. Pump assy has been stored in a sealed bag covered with clean oil.
  11. I just installed a AllBalls bearing kit with seals in a 94vfr front wheel. Everything seemed to fit just perfectly! I'd buy them again
  12. Part of the overheating problem on the GL1800 was due to air pockets (air bound) left in the cooling system after coolant changes. In one of my Motorcycle Consumer News editions some guy invented a device just for bleeding the air out of Goldwing cooling systems using a venturi system (compressed air) to pull the air pockets out, very ingenious little system. We don't have the same problem on the VFR's, all the air seems to find it's way out the top without to much trouble. The 98 VTR fan 19020-mbb-003 is only $31. Not a big financial risk. I don't think it will make it run any hotter, so if it doesn't work I'm only out $31 bucks. I'm going for the multifaceted approach. I changed my coolant to Engine Ice, propelyne glycol based coolant, not a big difference if any at all. Changing my fan switch to come on at 195, and the VTR fan. I'll let you know how this works
  13. The carbon intake hat was designed to work with an intercooler and also to distribute the incoming air as evenly as possible. Whether or not the intercooler makes it to production, it has succeeded in the power producing department and is both lightweight and low-profile. I have been getting nearly 40mpg in normal mixed riding conditions. The only time I noticeably see a drop in mileage is performing flat-out dyno pulls or after a very hard day of sport riding. You should not be able to notice a difference in weight. The supercharger itself weighs only 6lbs, and the rest of the componentry is mainly aluminum. I will weigh the parts taken off the bike and compare them to the weight of the kit parts soon, as I know others have been wondering what the difference truly is. I currently only have a working map for the PCIII. The PCII can work, but I would first need to develop a map for it. Dan, your going to be the "Carroll Shelby" of the VFR's if your not already. After I saw this kit, talked to you on the phone, and reviewed the installation instructions, I eneded up selling my mint 4th gen to get a 5th gen....I had to get a VFR that I could put this kit on. Already started the SC fund. I'll be ready by spring of 2012.
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