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  1. Has both road and race fairings, here a ducati projector headlight.. the wheels are 5.75 rear and 3.75 Dymags. modified swing arm with rc30 hub to shed over 6kg in rotating weight. Ducati corsa bodywork front and rear including modded subframes total 5kg.. nuts and bolts not inc.. [/url]
  2. Going for a full service soon and might try the cops again.. Engine blueprint on the cards as i have rebuilt so many boat engines this year, my vfr rebuild should be fun, saving a fortune... Spark still running poor (im down 1 pot) after putting genuine coils back on end of last year... so....more updates be interesting from any1 else who has tried the stick coils.
  3. Just removed my k8 gsxr1000 cops. The engine stall at 2000 seems to have gone. The pops have reduced.. Maybe i should have tried the honda cops?... The plugs were very dirty and got a swift clean and rough re-gap... Poss not firing proper. leaving excess deposits on plug.. looks like engine runs better now... needs a good run out but got put off my last track day due to rubber gone passed its wear markers, magnesium Dymags might want replacing .. forks seals have leaked on one side.... were fine last track day, but that was the start of the season... lack of use? With a big bore done a
  4. kgsmotorcycles


    rc30 fuel tanks?
  5. Mostly with a Scotch bright pad and a little wd40 will bring the block together.. 120 or 80 grit paper on the worst protruding casting marks... then a finer grade to take out any scratches...i never went to town on it, just rubbed it up a touch..then silver wheel spray paint over the side cases...
  6. the clutch cover can be seen working in this dropbox link https://www.dropbox.com/s/w8qvt9din2nk8w9/clutch%20window%20test.AVI I am putting the timing cover back on this week as i hope to add an 837cc kit soon
  7. Been there from the start for sure..up to operating temps make little difference to the idle.
  8. no issue when on the boil.....all thru last year that was.. its just a tick over hiccup im feeling... Have yours become unseated at all? Mine did and as soon as i pushed them home again i was on all 4...
  9. How is yours functioning KGS? After fixing the loose coil has the stabling issue disappeared? Warm up sequence...You can listen while u read.. https://www.dropbox.com/s/w8qvt9din2nk8w9/clutch%20window%20test.AVI 8 mins in to this vid the steam clears and so i assume things are above 100C so bring revs up to 5000.... You tell me if they are firing ok? When on track the revs sit at 8-10,000 as long as i dare... The timing cover will be replaced soon. Was interesting too see what was happening behind there, but with a big bore kit looming i will want to get in there often. I did hear cb
  10. So i have heard these fork valve kits are simple to fit, a plug and play cartridge type affair?
  11. Like.. more pics plz... I would adopt this fairing if it all want so heavy...
  12. Looks like a washing machine to start. Hot oil runs away to sump after warm up. Condensation should clear with engine use over 100C. Here is the link too see the window in action... http://youtu.be/hTfH_kBhPuA
  13. Think i may have sussed out why my COPs run rough after a run on occasions... Have noticed one come loose a little and needs pushing back home to get full power back.... A simple fitting issue i think. Have tried removing the lower rubber on the cop to see if they are too long and popping off under load?.. but no proper results yet. Need to look into a way of keeping them fitted more secure to the plugs.. Once on, they run very well..
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