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  1. Does the dirt bike muffler quiet it down enough for those of us in the city /subdivision?
  2. BRad704


    Random VFR pics, mods, progress, etc....
  3. Gorgeous bike and master craftsmanship! What are your thoughts on the modded CBR exhaust now that you've put some miles on it?
  4. BRad704

    RWB 93

    Random pics of my RWB 1993 VFR
  5. I'm not always blasting around at 20-30 over the speed limit, but regardless, I love what you've come up with! Electrical has always been a weakness of mine, so I really enjoy watching people who know what they are doing.
  6. Y'all that need more acceleration must not have a smaller bike to ride around on sometimes. :) After riding around on a Ninja 250R for a while, getting on the VFR is like mounting up on a jet-powered rocket sled! That said, stock 16/43 for me.
  7. Yes, pics please... Partly to help you figure this out, and partly so I can see details of the pipe routing for a 3rd Gen left-exit. :)
  8. You could get crafty with a pair of kickstand assemblies. I.e.springy hingey Sent from my handheld-sending-thing...
  9. I kinda like the silver. It makes it stand out even more. I wonder how it would look to polish the plate and light up the inside... lol.
  10. BRad704


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