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  1. Interesting Fuel Stats.

    I thought my street triple with arrows sounded great but the vfr is a different but very beautiful song.
  2. Interesting Fuel Stats.

    Yep still loving it, worth every cent. What fuel consumption did you get on the premium?
  3. Interesting Fuel Stats.

    Yes it does show a great improvement in fuel economy which could be due to many different advances and changes but it shows nothing about premium fuel as you have not used it in gen 8. Cheers
  4. New leftover base 2014 price?

    Offer the Dallas price of $6000 and see what they say.
  5. Yes except for the balance. Did you realize that the width of the panniers is about the same as the handlebars, so if the bars fit through the panniers should too.
  6. Gear indicator error

    I have seen it, just happens occasionally, no big deal
  7. FYI I find riding with just the large top box upsets the balance of the bike. It's much better with all the bags or none of the bags
  8. Oil Change with T-Rex Sliders

    If you take them out first the engine falls out and then the frame! just kidding they are safe to remove if necessary.
  9. My New VFR

    Sorry to hear about your eyes.
  10. My New VFR

    Nice one, change the slip on exhaust the sound is awesome.
  11. Birthday present survey

    Use the 100 for accommodation for a bike trip away
  12. Main Step Heat Guard

    Could someone have spilt brake fluid on it as the reservoir is right there?
  13. Go on a dark curvy undulating road at night and tell me" it's not an issue".
  14. Picture Thread

    If judging by fun, it has to be the street triple constant giggles. If you want to do some touring has to be the Honda. When striped of luggage the Honda is sporty but not instant giggles like the street. Honda is heavier and more sane. Street unfortunately is now sold as don't need both.
  15. Picture Thread

    Fully loaded

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