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  1. As if Ineeded more reasons to want to live in California or anywhere on the west coast... Hopefully one of you lucky SOBs get’s to take advantage...
  2. I gotta say I love my Arrow (titanium/carbon). The sound is awesome, fit and finish is amazing. Install was a snap. Would not hesitate to recommend or buy another myself.
  3. Quite interesting! Thanks for posting. I am certain this will be of use for quite a few looking at options.
  4. Not sure about the side panniers (which I assume you are referring to) but the 45L VFR1200 top box is easily available in the UK and I have it on my VFR800 using OEM rack and adapter plate. Here are the parts numbers: 08L74-MJN-D01ZG 45L Top box - Pearl Glare White (NH-B53P) 08L73-MGE-D40 Carrier Bracket For 45L Top Box08M70-MJE-D01 1 Key Components (Cylinder Inner Kit)08M71-MJE-D01 1 Key Components (Cylinder Body Kit) 08L42-MGE-800 Rear carrier Have look here for the brochure: https://www.honda.co.uk/content/dam/local/uk/brochures/motorcycles/Accessories/HUK MC HGA VFR800F 1115.pdf Keep in mind that most VFR1200 colours don't match up with the VFR800 for the most part with a few exceptions. I think the white does. Others may be able to confirm (My white top box is a perfect match)
  5. Ohlias


    I wish someone would take this colour scheme and apply it to a white eighth gen. Part of me wishes I would do it! 😉
  6. What a great and informative post. I must say I am quite jealous of what you have acheived there. Plus the shock looks amazing. I love parts that look "the part"! Might I ask how much the shock cost you?
  7. Interesting lights. Especially that you put them on the forks/fender. I am assuming to light the road better in a turn. Would be curious to see how well that works IRL. Any chance for a vid? Some additional pics would be nice to share also! :)
  8. I have the Arrow Race-Tech. I can confirm it fits with OEM bags. It is slightly smaller and shorter than original (and weighs about half). I love the sound with the baffle removed and would purchase again in a heartbeat. Unfortunately no pics with me at work. I'll see what I can do later.
  9. Ohlias


    Totally agree, nicest 7th gen ever! Where did you get all those awesome carbon fibre bits! I want some for my white 8th gen 800!!!!
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