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  1. Robborboy

    Potential Coffman Full Exhaust

    FWIW they already know the layout of the exhaust. They've had them in their shop before to make the slip on I use. They just don't currently have one to make measurements and a jig from. They didn't. But I wouldn't expect it to be over $600. But that's just my guessing. Doesn't hurt to check them out to see what deal they'd cut you.
  2. Hey guys. So potential lead on a full system for 8th gens and any models they fit over to. Coffman has started doing full systems starting with a Grom. I've contacted them and they said they'd be happy to work on one. I offered to mail mine in but they need the bike on site as well. The exhaust pipes would be mandrel bent and made of stainless steel. They're located in Ukiah California. I told. Them. I'd get the I formation out there if anyone wanted to loan their bike for a bit. This would get us something without the garbage collector the Delkelvic has.
  3. Robborboy


    Coffman FTW. With Baffle Without Baffle
  4. Robborboy

    Picture Thread

    First picture I took at work. Second and third at Cherohala Skyway. All others at the Tail of the Dragon.
  5. Robborboy

    2017 Honda VFR800F homemade tail tidy.

    Seconding the $5 hardware store brackets. I even opted to keep the reflectors on. Can't even tell that it isn't an overpriced $100 kit.
  6. Robborboy


    I've got a question on these. I'm looking at the coffman. But I have a deluxe model with the centerstand. Do you guys run into any issues with not having the rubber bushing the centerstand rest against when up?
  7. Robborboy


    Not my video but based off of looks alone I am going with the Coffman. It is what the bike should have had stock as far as the looks go.

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